Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Frederick Douglas Ethos Pathos Logos free essay sample

He states: Fellow-citizens, above your national, tumultuous joy, I hear the mournful wail of millions whose chains, heavy and grievous yesterday, are, to-day, rendered more intolerable by the jubilee shouts that reach them(480). If Douglass was never a slave, the quote wouldnt had been as powerful in its deliverance. Douglass uses pathos to describe an emotional event that anyone can relate to; since everyone agrees that children are so innocent. Suddenly you hear a quick snap your ears are saluted with a scream, that seems to have torn its way to the centre of your soul(486). Douglass is a very good writer and speaker, he does argumentative description very well. The thought of someone cruel enough to whip the flesh off of a womans back while shes caring her baby, is chilling. Douglass uses a lot of descriptive writing mixed with pathos throughout his essay, and its astonishing how effective it is. We will write a custom essay sample on Frederick Douglas Ethos Pathos Logos or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page The argument itself, or logos, is slavery. Douglass illustrates his argument throughout the essay. For instance, There is not a man beneath the canopy of heaven that does not know that slavery is wrong for him(482). Again, at the end of his essay: There are forces in operation which must inevitably work the downfall of slavery(487). Frederick Douglass was a master of persuasion, with ethos, pathos, and logos, in his arsenal of charisma.

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