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Topshop Marketing Plan

Market OverviewTarget market: The Topshop Corporation focus on the customers of young people, who is between 15 and 30 years old, especially for young females who likes to pubbing, clubbing and have a sense of fun. For this moment, our consumer market niche is not the higher income level but the young people on budget. Customer profile:Our customer profile is young people driven by a need to be fashionable and trendy, they like all trend setting magazines. Our brand also appears to students, professionals, fashion taste makers and high profile A-List stars alike. Competitor profile:The main competitors includes H&M, Zara, French Connection and GAP. These companies are all retailer corporations, which has international business and online retail stores, and larger market shares in fashion retail market comparing with Topshop.Marketing ObjectivesGoals . The objectives can be divided into two parts. Firstly, the Topshop Corporation is focusing on the international business, the recent o bjective is built more than 100 stores all over the world in less than five years to raise the awareness of the brand. Secondly, in order to increase the sales, the Topshop corporation decides to expand their market targeting level, raising the brand position, promoting the cooperation with famous international fashion designer, the objective is to build a international fashion brand with different position of sales.Marketing StrategyYour strategy and marketing mix: [Use this section to summarize the overall strategy and marketing mix (The 8 P’s Product: The Topshop corporation will not change fashion clothing as its main product, but more accessories will be promoted to the market,Place and Timeï ¼Å¡ Price Promotion Process Physical Environment PeopleProductivity and Quality you will use to position yourself within the market to meet your customers’ needs. Whatever your strategy, you goal should be to differentiate yourself from your competitors to encourage customer s to choose your business first.]Action Steps Top 10 Action Steps: [Create a list of the Top 10 action steps that will bring your theoretical objectives (your marketing strategy and objectives) to life. E.g. Finish S.W.O.T. Activity Sheet, complete marketing budget] Background AnalysisThe background analysis should give a snapshot of where you are right now, where you have been and where you want to go. Undertaking this process will help you to define your business's capabilities and find opportunities within your particular market. Finally, defining your core business elements will ensure that your marketing plan and overall business strategy work together seamlessly.Business overview [The overview should cover the nuts and bolts of your business including:The name, structure and date of establishment Topshop is a British multinational retailer which specializes in fashion clothing, shoes, make-up and accessories. It was established in Sheffield, UK, in 1964. Details about the owne rs (their names, roles and levels of experience etc.) What your business is about (your business mission, vision and values) The key business objectives you would like to achieveAn outline of the main products and services sold A financial analysis of your business including sales and profitability A S.W.O.T. analysis of your business to set a line in the sand]SWOT analysisThe strength of the Topshop Corporation is that the owner of Topshop is the  Arcadia Group, which can provide favorable management and strong financial support for its subsidiary company. Moreover, the Topshop brand has take a large market share in the British mainland, the influence of the brand is deep among British people, and it has more than 300 stores nationwide and provides many different kinds of choices in product lines and design variety of products with thousands of looks per season creatively.The weakness of the Topman Corporation is their international market, the company is global, but it has store s only in a few countries worldwide, the market share is poor in US and China which are the two biggest markets in the world. A large number of staff and products make it difficult to manage and increase the management costs. And, big store space lead to weak customer services. On web shopping, there is no detail and size for accessorizes.The opportunity for the Topshop Corporation is the potential market in the oversea market. There are lots of young people in China and US, and they have great purchasing power, which is a good opportunity for Topshop to invest. And compared with other fashion retailers, it is not just targeting at young people, but also white-collared workers and a part of mid-aged persons who follow the latest fashion.The threats are from the competitors like Zara, H&M and French Collection. Like Topshop, they are all fashion clothing retailers, the competitors may have lower market shares in Britain than Topshop, but their sales are mostly from the overseas marke t, and their brands have been accepted by the local people. If Topshop want to expand the oversea market, it is necessary to show its unique features and improve quality and retain low price and good design, and face some limitations from government policies and to know about the cultural and demands of the local environment as soon as possibleObjectives: Vision and mission:The Topshop Corporation is an international fashion retailer, it has over 440 shops all over the world, more than 300 in Britain, which takes more than  50%. For the recent years, the British economy was not very good, so the sell in the mainland was below average. In the age of rapid globalization, technological innovation, population boom, and environmental change, the need of international marketing are pressing. From the topshop international segmentations, we can get the point that the international market has not been fully developed.US, the biggest economic entity in the world, only have four topshop sto res, and the second biggest economic entity, China, only have one. This market shares is not enough in these two countries. Take Zara as an example, we can know the importance to expand an oversea market. The Zara Corporation is a Spanish clothing and accessories retailer, very similarly with Topshop, but Zara opened more than 150 stores in China, almost every big cities in china, and Zara corporation’s sales grew with an amazing speed, and became the leader in the fashion clothing industry.The first goal is named â€Å"explore the new world†, which means the Topshop Corporation is aimed at developing the oversea marketing, especially China and US. The plan for the company is to open 50 stores in China and 40 stores in US in the next five years.The second goal is named â€Å"the social network†, the point is aimed at e-commence. In China, E-commerce is becoming more and more popular nowadays, in the date of 11 NOV and 12 DEC every year, there will be a large dis count online, on those date the sales will be more than 35 billion RMBs, the number is really amazing. The topshop has already had their online stores, and also have international business online, but only takes small shares. Our plan for the company is to build a world level website in different countries, and develop overseas online market.StrategyThere are some steps to finish the strategy, firstly, the advisement.For the customers in China and US, they may not very familiar with the new brand, so a good promotion is very important for Topshop. In the advertisement, we should emphasis our brand is designed for local people, for example, in China, we should highlight that the fashion clothing are designed for the eastern people, and integrated with some local culture cooperate with some famous designers to promote the new product.To open the Chinese market, the first thing our brand needs is to publish Production Promotion Release Conference in the biggest cities in China like Bei jing or Shanghai, and open the first store in the central zone of these cities. In the summer of 2013, US famous fashion retailer brand Hollister open the first store in Salitun, Beijing, which is the popular commercial district in China, and release a fantastic fashion model performance, after that the sales of the store was growing very fast. This movement raised the awareness of the brand and gained more popularity among young people, the topshop may learn a lesson from it.

Plato’s Utopia

PLATO's UTOPIA I. What is the main argument of Plato about society, social relationships, and the individuals relationship with his society? Plato, the Father of Philosophy, was known as a Classical Greek philosopher, mathematician, founder of the Academy in Athens, and lastly, as a writer. In fact, one of his books, The Republic, was one of the best-known work and has proven to be one of the most intellectually and historically influential works of philosophy and political theory. The central principle of this book is Plato’s argument about the ideal society.Likewise, it was said that the main argument of The Republic is about being a good person, the struggle for justice. Plato ideally dreamt of a world grounded by genuine goodness. Moreover, Plato’s account doesn’t only talks about the ideal society and justice, he also focuses on the issues about goodness, censorship, education, etc. With concerns to censorship, in this book, he mentioned that â€Å"censorsh ipâ€Å" (basically referring to videos and music), plays an important role in one society because basically, it could give license to everyone in a republic, and thus can lead people to of course, do whatever they want.Another concept or argument in Plato’s account is his belief of goodness. He emphasizes that being good is actually good, and to add on to that, he also stated that virtue is what makes a person internal and thus gives harmony to one’s soul. Education was also one of the theme of the text. In his writing, this great philosopher pointed out that education was the whole course of the state, of our lives. It is all about our ethics, jobs, life, career, destiny and faith.In relation to this, he mentioned about the concept of â€Å"pragmatism† which talks about how a person deals with the world and not transcend on judging culture. Likewise, Plato’s republic also deal with the solutions to overcome sexual discrimination. According to him, men and women can be completely â€Å"equalized† on the premise that women must never be again mothers. Plato believed that this is what it would take to overcome sexual differentiation in hierarchy. Lastly, he made the â€Å"Theory of Forms† –what is rue in an absolute sense, what is possible to know. To sum it up, basically, Plato’s republic is about life, how you live and leave it. It’s not just about his wishes on having an â€Å"ideal society†, but also, is about REALITY. II. Regardless of your position with regard to Plato's views about society and the citizen, what are the three most important lessons about citizenship and life within a political community or society that you can derive from the discussions in the documentary film?Justice, Education and Equality. These three were the most important and valuable lessons which Plato’s Republic emphasized. First is Justice. In the first part of the documentary film, the scene was alre ady depicting the struggle of the republic for justice. Plato ‘s vision of an ideal society is linked to the idea of justice, the prevalence of truth, for it is a contributing factor on how to obtain a peaceful and orderly kind of community. Second is the importance of education.Plato believed that a well-education person has all the skills needed in order to come up with wise decision especially in the political realm. Thus, can incorporate justice in the society, in the government which also can resist vices like corruption. And third, is the vital sense of equality, especially between the rights of men and women. As we all know, women were treated differently as to men, they were deprived of having the rights which men have like having the right to education. So, sexual discrimination, as we call it, was one of the issues which Plato wishes to resolve.He maintained that prospective male and female, should receive the same education and be assigned to the same vital function s within the society. III. How does social capital fit into the underlying view of citizenship? Social capital refers to connections among individuals –social networks and the norms of reciprocity and trustworthiness. It is a resource should be used for public good or for the benefit of individuals; thus facilitate co-operation and mutually supportive relations in communities and therefore solve modern issues.With those definitions, it can be seen that social capital fit into the underlying view of citizenship for it entails the duties and responsibilities that a citizen must have. What I mean is that, as a citizen, the idea of social capital can be of big help for it lets the people to be aware of certain issue which actually leads them to be active enough to collaborate in order to find innovative solutions and remedies. The idea of social capital also helps the citizens to utilize and maximize their resources for the betterment of their society. .

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Are There Blind Spots in Our Eyes?

Are There Blind Spots in Our Eyes? ABSTRACT Our eyes are vital organs because they help us visualize our surroundings. But are our eyes perfect in seeing what’s right in front of us? Sadly I learned in our evolution, nature messed up at one point and gave us blind spots in our eyes. This project shows why we have these blind spots, how to discover them, and how big they are. I researched on how our eyes see things; why when one eye is closed, the other eye sometimes can’t see what’s in front of it. I also found during my research a formula that is used to estimate the size of a human eye’s blind spot.I performed an experiment using Blind Spot Test card I made to verify the existence of blind spots in my eyes. I also collected data while testing to find the size of my blind spot. I learned the size of eyes’ blind spots varies in relation to the size of the human eyes. QUESTION Are there any blind spots in our eyes? If there are, how do we find them, and how big are they? VARIABLES Dependent Variable: Size of the blind spot in our eye Independent Variable: Diameter of the eye Experimental Group Controlled Variables For Each Group Child Test Subject MeAdult Test Subject My Mom HYPOTHESIS If I close one of my eyes, using a test card marked with different symbols then I can find my other eye’s blind spot. Add a ruler/yard stick to take measurements; I can estimate the size of that blind spot too. I think the bigger the human eye, the bigger the blind spot is. BACKGROUND RESEARCH The following diagram shows the anatomy of a human eye (New Translation of Laruelle’s ‘Biography of the Eye’). Our eyes see things when light reflects off the objects goes through the pupil and sends the information to our brains.The eye and brain work together as a group that after the information gets delivered to the brain as electro-chemical signal, it is interpreted, or â€Å"seen†, as images (WebMD). The first layer o f our eye is the cornea. It is made of a clear tissue and protects the eye like a see through glass cover. More importantly, it helps the eye focus on an object while light passes through it. The iris, a colorful part of the eye around the pupil behind the cornea contracts or dilates to control the amount of light that goes into the pupil. The pupil at the center of the iris is an opening that lets the light into the eye (Your Eyes).After light enters the pupil, it passes through the lens behind. The lens functions just like a camera lens so that it focuses the light and beams it onto the retina, the light receptor at the back of the eye. The retina’s surface is flat and smooth, and it acts like a movie screen or the film of a 35mm camera. However, unlike a screen or a film, the retina also has some other features, one of which is the light sensors that detect light. After the retina detects light, it converts the light into electro-chemical signals. These signals then exit t he back of the eye via optical nerves and get sent to the brain for processing (WebMD).There is a little area on the retina where the optical nerves are attached to the eyeball at one end and connects to the brain on the other end. This spot of the retina contains no light sensors. Without light sensors the retina cannot sense light, therefore if light hits that spot, it cannot convert the light into electro-chemical signal and pass the information to the brain to â€Å"see†. This forms a blind spot on the eye. The blind spot however, doesn’t affect our vision because our brain â€Å"ignores† it. Also having a pair of eyes, one eye can back up the other eye’s blind spot so that we have a clear vision most of the time.This is why people usually don’t notice the effects of blind spots (Kingfisher 114). There are ways to test human eye’s blind spot. Scientists also discovered formula to estimate the size of our blind spots. Depending on the siz e of our eyes, we each have unique blind spots. MATERIAL LIST A cardboard card approximately 3 x 5 in (or 8 x 10 cm) in dimension Black Marker to draw symbols on the cardboard card Ruler/Yard Stick A pencil to record the data EXPERIMENTAL PROCEDURE Often people use the following experiment (Exploratorium), or its variation to test for blind spots existing in our eyes:Make a test card using the cardboard material. Use a black marker pen to draw a black dot and a cross on the two edges of the card. Make sure the dot and the cross are on the same level. Hold the test card away at an arm’s length and at eye level, while the other hand holds a yardstick just below the left eye. Put the test card on top of the meter stick. Make sure the cross on the test card is on the right hand side. Close your right eye and stare at the cross with your left eye. At this point, you should also be able to see the black dot. Focus on the cross and move the test card towards you by sliding it along the yardstick slowly.At a certain point, the black dot will disappear from your vision. Record the measurement on the meter stick when that happens. Continue to move the test card forward; you’ll notice the black dot will reappear again. You can also test for the other eye by closing your left eye instead. This time you should look directly at the black dot with your right eye, and as you move the test card closer to you, you should notice the cross disappear and reappear again. DATA AND DISCUSSION The following is the formula for finding the size of the blind spot of a human eye: S/m = d/DIn this equation, S is the size of the blind spot on the eye, m is the distance of pupil to retina, estimated by the diameter of the eye, d is the size of the black dot on the test card, and D is the distance from eye to the test card (Exploratorium). Thus, to solve for S, we have: S = d/D * m To perform the experiment, I have two test subjects: my mom and myself. We measured the diameter o f each of our eyes as following: my eye is roughly 2 cm, and my mom’s eye is about 2. 5 cm. Then we stepped through the above-mentioned experimental procedure, and wrote down the data.Experimental Data Black Dot SizeDistance between eye to test card when black dot disappeared Andy Eye diameter = 2 cm0. 25 in ~= 0. 635 cm11. 75 in ~= 29. 845 cm Andy’s Mom Eye diameter = 2. 5 cm 0. 25 in ~= 0. 635 cm13 in ~= 33. 02 cm Based on the data collected, I calculated my blind spot is approximately 0. 0426 cm, or 4. 26 mm in diameter; and my mom’s blind spot is roughly 0. 048 cm, or 4. 8 mm in diameter. Since her eye is slightly larger than mine, her blind spot is a tiny bit bigger than mine as well. I wish I were able to find more test subjects for my experiment.However, I couldn’t find other people to try the experiment. CONCLUSION In conclusion there are blind spots in the eyes and my hypothesis was correct. The experiment shows there is a blind spot in the corne r of our eye because of the optic nerve, and that the size of the blind spot differs from person to person. Our blind spots are an evolutionary defect. Nature was able to correct it by making us have two eyes so we could see clearer and we have a bigger vision field. With that being said we are at the end of my research paper. I hope you enjoyed our little adventure. ACKNOWLEDGMENTI would like to thank my mom, Jane, for being my test subject for my experiment. WORK CITED 1. â€Å"Blind Spot: To see, or not to see†, Exploratorium, http://www. exploratorium. edu/snacks/blind_spot/index. html 2. â€Å"New Translation of Laruelle’s Biography of the Eye†, Fractal Ontology, Nov 21, 2009 http://fractalontology. wordpress. com/2009/11/21/new-translation-of-laruelles-biography-of-the-eye 3. â€Å"The Kingfisher Science Encyclopedia†, Kingfisher Publications, 2006 4. â€Å"Your Eyes†, Kids Health, http://kidshealth. org/kid/htbw/eyes. html 5. â€Å"Your Gui de to How the Eye Sees†, WebMD, http://www. webmd. com/eye-health/amazing-human-eye

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Hypothesis Testing & Variance Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Hypothesis Testing & Variance - Research Paper Example The critical value is 1.997138 test statistic is -14.2189. Since the calculation of the confidence level failed to include 5.2, the null hypothesis would be rejected H0: ÃŽ ¼= 5.2. Nevertheless the decision is a close one since it had the two-tailed test of hypothesis, as the minimum confidence level limit almost included 5.2. Application for managers.Even though, the sample mean 5.078788 appears to be extremely close to 5.2, the mean has a more by one standard deviation from the mean desired. This problem shows that a small difference in mean could be so crucial. It all relies on n and ÏÆ'. This means that the standard error forms the test statistic’s denominator. In this regard, there is a high chance of precision in the process of manufacturing (ÏÆ' = 0.72 is extremely small) the standard error and available variation is relatively small. The small, mean difference may not be identified to the customers. Since the calculation of the confidence level failed to include 5.4, the null hypothesis would be rejected H0: ÃŽ ¼= 5.4. Nevertheless the decision is a close one since it had the two-tailed test of hypothesis, as the minimum confidence level limit almost included 5.4.  Application for managers.Interpretation: Despite The fact that, the sample means 5.386364appears to be extremely close to 5.4, the mean has an addition of two standard deviations from the mean desired. This problem shows that a small difference in the mean could be so crucial. In this regard, there is a high chance of precision in the process of manufacturing.

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Discuss the role of social medias influence (Twitter, Facebook, and Essay - 2

Discuss the role of social medias influence (Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube) in the lives of children and young teens today - Essay Example The AACAP states that â€Å"60% of 13 to 17 years old have at least one profile on a social networking site† (Aacap 1). Social networking websites have several features and one of the most important features is news and information. Information available on these websites includes academic related information as well as news regarding current events (Strader 98). When children access these features they end up developing insight regarding what is happening in the world around them. This feature even helps them in learning more than what is offered at schools. Social media is even helping children develop and sustain social relationships. Social media such as Facebook allows children to communicate online with other individuals including children from their own schools. OKeeffe states that â€Å"social media allow teens to accomplish various tasks including staying connected with friends† (OKeeffe 1). This helps children in remaining in constant contact with friends at all times. This increase in time spent with friends even leads to increase in the sustaining of relationships with individuals who exist in the virtual as well as the physical world. Social media is even helping children in keeping themselves entertained. Social media such as YouTube allows children to share pictures, videos, music and projects with other social media users (Harlen 122). YouTube helps children in finding their favorite songs and movies and children access these entertaining elements to keep themselves busy and entertained. Children even share their own videos and songs over YouTube to express themselves in front of other social media users. OKeeffe states that social media helps in the â€Å"enhancement of individual and collective creativity through development and sharing of artistic and musical endeavors† (OKeeffe 1). There are

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Finance and funding in travel and tourism sector Assignment

Finance and funding in travel and tourism sector - Assignment Example Such costs are therefore apportioned on the basis of any formula or any other mechanism. Such costs include administrative costs like janitorial services, utilities etc. Fixed Costs: These costs remain constant irrespective of the level of the activity. For instance, the machinery fuel consumption; this will not be reduced or increased with the level of production. Rather, the fuel expenses will be distributed over the units produced. Therefore, it is the behaviour of the fixed costs that they remain fixed in totality but reduce per unit as the production increases. Variable costs: Variable costs are such costs, which increase or decrease with respect to the level of the activity. For example, the labour cost for the production of the units of product will be nil in case the production halts and will be increased when the production starts. Such costs behave parallel to the level of the activity. Semi-variable costs: Semi-variable costs are such costs which consist of the features of variable costs also and that of the fixed costs. It implies that such costs are fixed up to a certain extent and then they get parallel to the level of the activity. Cost volumes are significant in decision-making process of the management. Things get managed when they get measured; this is the main reason why costs volumes are always monitored. Constraints are established for the costs levels so that they do not exceed the prescribed budget. Costs volumes analysis sets the direction for the controls to be applied on different components of the variable costs. In addition to this, once the cost volumes are established, they can be then compared with the costs of prior periods, competitors and other departments by way of benchmarking. Comparison with prior period assists in comparisons and variance analysis with respect to the previous years. The results of the previous year are

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Identify three important conditions for successfully initiating a Essay

Identify three important conditions for successfully initiating a price increase (Pricing Strategies) - Essay Example However, in general context most of the companies price their products in such a way which allows them to remain affordable to the clients and offers them a certain societal value. Pricing strategies come mainly in the form of new product pricing, product mix pricing and price-adjustment strategies. Among the aforementioned forms of pricing, a number of strategies can be employed by the company to price its products. The pricing strategies are described below. New Product Pricing Strategies. These strategies are mainly divided into two types, namely market skimming pricing and market penetration pricing. Market skimming pricing entails setting high price for a product during its launch and slowly reducing the price with the passage of time. On the other hand, market penetration pricing is about setting a low price for a newly launched product and then gradually increasing it as the products reaches the growth stage in its life cycle. Product Mix Pricing Strategies. Companies have several options to price their product mix. It purely depends on the intentions of the company. Some of the most commonly used pricing strategies in this context are product line pricing, product bundle pricing, captive product pricing, optional product pricing, and by-product pricing. Each of these strategies considers certain aspects in pricing the product. Price-Adjustment Strategies. The price of a product needs to be adjusted at times due to the changing situations and several customer differences. Some of the commonly used strategies in this context are geographical pricing, international pricing, discount and allowance pricing, psychological pricing, segmented pricing, promotional pricing, and dynamic pricing. After companies develop the pricing structures of their products, they often face a condition when they are required to modify the prices due to a specific reason. Nevertheless, price changes are initiated

Child Psychology Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Child Psychology - Research Paper Example Friendship tends to develop between people of similar age groups, sex, race, education, income, and occupational and marital status (Noller, et. al., 97-98). People tend to relate and communicate with people on their same level. Similarities are often the major attraction to building friendships. There are some cases of friendship that develops because of certain experiences that brings them together, allowing them to share something together. There are rarely friendships between two people without no connection on any of the above mentioned groupings or experiences. People tend to gravitate towards other people of the same background or of the same experiences as they have since the similarities tend to ground the friendship, make the friendship even more meaningful as it allows them to share something between them. This is mostly true for friendships between young adults. As one expands his environment, or his horizon, one tends to search for a group to belong with. This leads to s earching for people, whom he can develop a personal relationship with. Thus, this proves that one’s personality can easily be identified through the set of friends that they have and maintain. This is especially true in early adulthood friendship, as one faces different life experiences, he encounters different people which they can relate to. An example of this is the workplace, wherein one tends to gravitate towards people of the same position, income and educational background. In young adults, there are four major issues in the study of friendships (Noller, et. al., 98-100). These are the extent and depth of friendships, perceptions and understanding of friendship, gender differences and behavioral processes in the friendship. In the early adulthood stage, one experiences drastic changes in his environment, whether he is in the later part of his college life or on the early stages of a professional career

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Research Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3750 words

Research Paper - Essay Example Moreover, in case that an agreement is developed between a firm and an advertising agency, this agreement needs to be aligned with the firm’s culture and aims. Otherwise, the chances for the survival of this agreement would be limited. In the case of General Motors, another aspect of the relationship between the firm and its advertising agency has been given: the above relationship reflects specific interests; if these interests are changed, then the cooperation between the above parties may be ended. In this context, General Motors had to terminate its cooperation with the advertising agency Publicis Groupe SA., almost a month after the above agency replaced Campbell-Ewald (an agency which had the responsibility for the advertising campaigns of Chevrolet since 1919). Indeed, in May 2010, General Motors switched to Goodby, Silverstein & Partners (part of the Omnicom Group) from Publicis Groupe S.A. – a cooperation that lasted – as noted above – for, just, about a month. The decision of GM to switch to Publicis Groupe SA will not particularly analyzed – since it was for an agreement that last for about a month. Rather the reasons for the termination of the firm’s cooperation with Campbell-Ewald – a cooperation, which started in 1919 – and for the development of an agreement with Omnicom Group need to be further analyzed. In accordance with Krisher (2010) the managers of GM did not give particular explanations for their decision to terminate their cooperation with Campbell-Ewald; on the other hand, the managers in GM had noted that there were problems in the performance of Campbell-Ewald – especially regarding ‘advertising and marketing’ (Krisher 2010). In the past, the above agency had significantly supported the expansion of Chevrolet across USA through the well-known ads of ‘See the USA in your Chevrolet’ (Krisher 2010), an ad of 1950s and ‘Like a Rock’ (Krish er 2010) in 1990s. It is suggested that GM should reconsider its decision to change its agency, taking into consideration the success achieved for the firm in the past through the ads of Campbell-Ewald. On the other hand, in May 2010, GM changed its marketing director; the new marketing director of the firm, J. Ewanick, had previously worked in Hyundai; there he managed to achieve a significant increase of the firm’s sales through the Goodby, Silverstein & Partners (Woodall 2010); the first target of J. Ewanick as the marketing director of GM has been the change of the firm’s traditional marketing strategy – which has been characterized as too conservative (Woodall 2010); the switch in the firm’s agency – from Publicis Groupe S.A to Goodby, Silverstein & Partners – should be regarded as part of this effort (Elliott 2010). b. Find examples of advertising and other promotional programs that were developed by the old agency and examples of ads developed by the new agency. Do you think the advertising campaign and messages being developed by the new agency are better and/or more appropriate for the company than those of the old agency? Why or why not? The effectiveness of the two agencies, Goodby, Silverstein & Partners (current agency of GM, from May 2010 onwards) and Campbell-Ewald (agency of GM from 1919 up to April 2010) would be examined by referring to examples of their advertising practices. The examination of the advertising pract

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Traditional and Nontraditional Litigation Paper Research

Traditional and Nontraditional Litigation - Research Paper Example Traditional litigation makes use of the court system during dispute resolution. The accessible laws normally bind the attorneys in this system in their representation of the client. The nature of the detailed laws used in this system makes it costly and formal. On its part, the alternative dispute resolution happens when the disputing parties reach an agreement to resolve their cases outside court. This makes it less expensive and time-consuming (Carle, 2005). Nontraditional litigation uses such forms of dispute resolution as mediation, arbitration, conciliation and negotiation. The attorneys and their clients must permit a third party to help during the resolution. This can be either a conciliator or a mediator (Carle, 2005). Apparently, a conciliator will actively take part in the litigation process until the time when the parties will arrive at a decision. Meanwhile, a mediator will be the go between two disputing parties. When arbitration is used for dispute resolution, the arbitrator, who acts as the third party is the one who makes the final judgment. The decisions resulting from nontraditional litigation process legally bind all parties, and need to be entered with the courts (Carle, 2005). The nontraditional litigation process does not generate publicity and can be favorable to many attorneys and clients who are afraid of publicity. While the traditional litigation process would accord publicity to some cases based on their nature, the nontraditional litigation process can happen and go unnoticed. In traditional litigation process cases, power is based on the strength of the evidence that is represented in court and the party representing the evidence while in alternative dispute resolution, both the disputing parties enjoy equal rights (Carle, 2005). A case in point involves the personal disputes such as insurance claims and divorce. In traditional litigation, one party may dominate the process based

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Violent Media with Parental Involement is Better Than Without It Essay

Violent Media with Parental Involement is Better Than Without It - Essay Example main contention is that violent media helps children master their rage, develop confidence and enables them to handle their personal and family problems effectively. Jones believes that the present day society is too afraid of rage and violence and aims to suppress it in the same manner as the Victorian society once suppressed sexuality. He further argues that violence and sexuality are natural inst in humans and it is wrong to suppress them. Jones also emphasizes that stifling such human emotions will ultimately hamper the development of children’s identifies. I agree with Jones’ contention that violent media can be positively used to help children understand and control their rage, if there is parental or adult involvement, but I oppose his belief that trashy aspects of pop culture have developmental functions, especially since his logic suffers from the fallacies of post hoc, overgeneralization and slippery slope. The claim of Jones that violent media can be used as a tool for children to understand and control their rage, depending on their circumstances, is founded on sound reasoning. Research evidence suggests that children who are products of broken and dysfunctional families, especially boys, tend to develop anti-social and aggressive attitudes and behaviors in the later stages of their lives (Kimm and Kim). Violent media in such situations can be used as a form of therapy, as long as children receive parental or adult supervision as well as guidance from psychologists or counselors. Jones’ statement that â€Å"At its most fundamental level, what we call ‘creative violence’ †¦ gives children a tool to master their rage,† is credible to some extent. If a child watches violence under the supervision of a responsible adult, the latter may be able to explain the reason for the violence, which will offer the child an insight into when violence is justified and when not. Similarly, when a negative result entails from enraged behavior on the screen,

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Careers Essay Example for Free

Careers Essay Section A- Key Terms Balanced Decision-Making: Making good choices based on a mixture of logic and intuition. This is useful in a number of situations, and when making a good decision, displays discipline and intelligence. For example, if you have work at 9 am the next morning, and you’ve been invited to go out with your friends the night before, your logic may tell you not to, but your intuition wants to. Making the balanced choice depends on which is a higher priority, work or socializing. Credentials: Experiences that make you more qualified for a job. Employers will see these as accomplishments. Credentials are useful as they show that you are able to apply yourself to a task and complete it, which is useful information for employers, as well. They look good on your resume and make for a good alternative if you don’t have any work experience. Transferable Skills: Abilities that you can apply from one situation to another. This is useful because it will make you a candidate for a wider variety of jobs, and once you have a job, you will be able to adjust to different situations, good and bad, that may happen on an average day at work. Network: Connections with other people. Networking is useful when looking and applying for a job. If you have a large network, then you can talk to them about your need for employment, and have a higher chance of getting an interview. When applying for a job it’s useful as you have a wider variety of references to choose from. Reference: A person on your application form who employers can contact if they want someone else’s opinion on you. They will vouch for your experience, credibility and record. References, when chosen well, can be extremely useful. These references may notice things about you that you wouldn’t be able to share or necessarily know while being interviewed. In other words, they have an outsider’s perspective. Section B- Short Answers 3) The best way to contribute to your community is through volunteer work. But, if you’re looking to further your career ambitions at the same time, then you should be mindful to where you volunteer. For example, if you wanted to be an English teacher, volunteer at the library. If you wanted to work in PR, volunteer at Free the Children. Volunteer work is always great on a resume no matter where it’s from, but it’s even better when employers see that you’ve gotten a little taste of what they have to offer. Another way to contribute to your community is to organize a fundraiser. This looks great on a resume as it shows that you have leadership and communication skills, as well as a good heart. If you wanted to work at a hospital, donate all the proceeds to Make a Wish. If you want to work in art, donate the proceeds to sketch. The last and most general way to contribute to your community is to organize a garbage pick-up. This also shows that you have leader ship and communication skills. But, as all jobs and businesses are looking for ways to go green, this shows that you’re in that mindset and can bring it to where ever you work. 4) There are many things you can do to find out what post-secondary option is best for you. The first way I’d acquire knowledge on this subject is talk to family members and older friends. Make sure to get a wide variety in such as university and college graduates, as well as people who only have a high school diploma. Ask them how they feel about their education and qualifications, as well as how they feel about their career or job. Ask them for advice on finding out what’s best for you, and how they found out what was best for them. Another way I’d educate myself is to do research. Look up the employment rates of university, college and high school graduates. Think of careers or jobs that you would like to have in the future and look up what you would need in order to get that profession. Lastly, I’d tour universities and colleges to get a feel of them. I’d ask myself if I enjoyed one more than the other, and if I could see myself being at one. 5) A couple steps you should take when looking for work are: One- update your resume. Two- network. Tell your family, friends and your friends’ family that you’re looking for work. Three- look around. There are many worthwhile and credible jobs that are advertised whether it is online, in the paper or at centres. Four- don’t waste time! Hand out resumes to all the options that you receive. Five- communicate. Call to the places that you handed in resumes. It shows that you’re eager and will give you attention. 6) My first piece of advice to a friend who had a job interview would be to print off extra resumes and to have a separate sheet with a list of references. Also make sure to have all certificates for your credentials in case they want proof. Second, I’d tell them to arrive on time! Or even better, be early. It’ll give you time to relax and think over what you’re going to say. It’s the first impression that they’ll have of you, and being early or on time shows them that you can keep that up if you were to work there. Lastly, I’d tell them to be confident. Smile and give them a good handshake, wear a nice outfit, and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Section C- Essay Question 1 To be blunt, the Careers course is too simple. There isn’t much homework, it’s very easy to get by without studying for tests and a lot of it is really just common knowledge. If you really want to get the full experience, the course should be â€Å"beefed up.† People have mentioned adding a co-op element in the course, which is a great idea. It allows students to apply their knowledge from in-class into the workplace, without having the stress of pay cheques or getting fired. If this was added to the curriculum, it would be even better if the work you did could be added to your resume under experience. The only issue would be that a lot of students wouldn’t want to work without getting paid, and would be upset if it weren’t to count for volunteer hours. Many students are probably happy with getting by with the minimal curriculum we have now. Overall, the co-op idea would definitely be a good experience for them whether they liked it or not, and would definitely enrich this course. Although it is believed that the course should be enriched, it should not be bumped up to be taught in grade 12. This is another way people have said that Careers could be enriched, because they would be able to use more complex terms and advanced language. But, the point of the course is not to expand your vocabulary; it’s to get you educated about your future. Also, many schools offer the course in grade 11, so that’s a compromise between grade 10 and 12. Learning the course in grade 10 allows students time to process information, as well as have working experiences such as volunteer work and jobs, and also to consider what they might like to do for a career. If students were to learn the logistics in grade 12, they’ve missed out on valuable information that could have helped them apply and keep high school jobs. In conclusion, Careers is a simple but effective course. It gives you a lot of useful information that you can benefit from for the rest of your life, gets you thinking about your future and tests your common knowledge. There are definitely many adjustments that can be made, though. Co-op would be great so students could test the knowledge that they’ve learnt in class to see if they thoroughly understand. If co-op was added, Careers should become a full course so students can have half the time for learning and preparing, and the other half for experiencing.

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A Review On Nelson Mandela History Essay

A Review On Nelson Mandela History Essay Nelson Mandela, the first democratic South Africa president was not just a great leader due to her leadership skills and traits, but also because he was a leader with a vision, persistence and courage. He is considered one of the greatest leaders of 21st century and a hero to many for his actions and personality. Nelson is a great leader, a leader other modern leaders need to emulate, if they need to fight corruption and provide the best leadership to those below them. Nelson Mandela aka Madiba was a leader by birth and a leader to the end as until today many people see him as a leader although retired. In his first year in Fort Hare University, he started involving himself in the council representing students, called SRC, which was opposing harsh and unfair policies in the University. After retiring in 1999, he went ahead and formed organizations to help other people mostly those with HIV in South Africa. Mandela was a leader with a vision that he ensured it was fulfilled no matter the hindrances. During his trial, he said that he had fought the dominion of white and that of black people and he was ready to die to ensure that all people had the same rights, irrespective of their race. During his 27 years in jail, he continued to influence and fight apartheid through his wife Winnie Mandela. He even studied a bachelor in law from London External Program University while still in the prison with no hope of when he was to be released. In all times, Mandela was a leader who sacrificed himself for the benefit of other. He sacrificed his youth and life to fight against racialism. At age of 20, he was still involved in fighting apartheid. He even went to jail for 27 years just because of his stand of equal rights to white, black and colored people. After being in jail for 27 years for his country, he became the president for only four years and then retired in order to give chance for another leader to lead South Africa (Klerk, 2). Moreover, he even sacrificed his good peaceful retirement just to cater for those people with HIV and AIDs and those poor. These are great sacrifices that not all leaders mostly todayà ¢Ãƒ ¢Ã¢â‚¬Å¡Ã‚ ¬Ãƒ ¢Ã¢â‚¬Å¾Ã‚ ¢s leaders can be able to do just for the sake of those under them. An influential characteristic was one of his traits. To support this, when he was in first year, he was ordered to leave the University due to his involvement in boycotts and his great influence which the university saw as a threat. They even black mailed him by asking him to be elected in SRC if he wanted to remain a student in the university. Another indication that he is an influential person is that still when in prison, he was able to gain supporters both inside and outside the prison with the help of his wife Winnie. When he came out of prison, all people with one voice wanted him to become the president even the former president, as he was able to convince all that he was indeed the leader they were looking for. Mandela leadership skills were unique, as for him, he led from behind. This is a skill he learned from a tribal king called Jongintaba who raised him. The king, when in a tribal meeting, he would let all the other leaders speak and then he would speak putting in place what the other leaders had said. In modern leadership, people want a leader that will listen to their needs and pleads and hence act accordingly to what all or most of those under them want. When as a president, many activist tried to opposed his leadership mostly concerning the matter of how he approached the HIV pandemic in South Africa, Mandela never tried to prove them wrong by then, he waited till he retired and that when he started organizations to help people living with HIV/AIDS. He let people criticize his actions but he had plans on the best way to curb those problems (Stengel, 9). Mandela was a leader that never broke his promises and fought for what was just ethically but not by law. In support of this, from his youth, he fought for equality to all and opposed dominion by any race even his own. He stood by this mission and even when he became the president, he greatly influenced black people not to hate white people for all they had done to them. To emphasize on this, during Rugby World Cup in 1994, he led black people to support South African team that they greatly hated because it was dominated by whites. He even handed over the trophy, after springboks won the finals, to the captain of the team who was called Pioneer while wearing his jersey although the player was white. This was a great move in reconciliation of black and white South Africans. Simplicity is a trait that is essential to all good leaders and this is a trait that Nelson Mandela had. During his life in prison, Mandela was able to form daily habits like athletes and good eating regimes, habits that he have maintained over the years. The results of this have led to him being alive up to date with over 93 years of age. Still in support of this, Mandela is one of the few leaders that maintained their stature, visions and integrity even after becoming president while other many freedom fighters, ended up being dictators and manipulating power for their own sake. This have made him to be hailed as one of the greatest moral leader even leading to him being honored with over 200 awards in just four decades, including the most treasured Nobel Peace Prize in 1993. He has also being honored with over 50 international degrees from different countries. All this credit has being because he maintained his humbleness and visions to the end (Jong, 4). Nelson Mandela, even when others saw no hope ahead, he never gave up. This is a trait that a good leader should have as all other followers see them as role models. Even when in a political prison, with harsh conditions like hard labor, very few visits, inadequate food and segregation in accordance with races, Nelson never gave up, even after all those years in prison. His spirit was still alive during his life in prison, this led to him studying law in prison and influencing those young activist that were black and imprisoned in Robben Island on how to curb the apartheid. His dream to become the person to bring equality to all no matter the challenges was finally achieved when he was elected as the first democratic president of South Africa even when being at age of 75 (Mandela, 129). He was a passionate leader and a risk taker. After coming back to prison and being separated from the others who had being his friend for the last 20 years, Mandela opposed their move to riot due to his separation. He told them there may be some good that was to come out of that. This separation helped him to have negotiation in 1985 with the government in power operating apartheid. To many other activists that saw him as a leader, they started opposing his move. They even termed his actions as a move to sell them out. To help gain other imprisoned activist support, he launched a campaign persuading other ANC activist that what he was doing was the right thing to do. Deliberately and slowly, he brought all this people along with his idea. This led to all things changing and for apartheid to be abolished ( Brick, 4) Moreover, he organized and raised money to support his campaigns from outside countries, a move that led to his imprisonment. That was an act requiring courage and that was risky, knowing that it could lead to him being imprisoned for lifetime, but he went along and did it. While other activist looked on the best way to end apartheid in short run, Mandela was always focusing on the best way to end apartheid with minimal bloodshed even if it was to be achieved in long run. To him leadership and victory was not a matter of principle but a matter of tactics. With the knowledge of when precisely and how to change between the many roles he had in hand as a diplomat, politician, Marty and a warrior, he created a non-racial south African country after overthrowing apartheid. While many reached a time and saw bloodshed as done by other independent countries in Africa as the only option to end apartheid and colonialism, to him he saw it as the time to engage in peaceful negotiation with the government to ensure justice to all and loss to none. To another trait to support the argument, Nelson was a transformation leader. While many leader go into negotiation with a move to trade one thing with another even with their followers, Nelson was a visionary leader who seek appealing to his followers to change their intentions and plans and move with him to a better universal purpose and need. In short he was an agent of change. Another trait that makes Nelson Mandela a great leader is that he was a learner not a teacher. By this I mean that, he accepted that he did not know all and allowed to learn from others that had skills. When young he learned from the tribal leader on the best way to rule. When in prison he studied law to increase his knowledge on law and ways to govern. Moreover, he listened to other activist views in order to learn on what all wanted to achieve in the end. The teaching he gave to the activist was to help them see his vision in a different perspective where they could achieve what they wanted without even shedding blood and causing mayhem and havoc. Even when he went to negotiations with the government, he was able to convince the others and let them see things as he was seeing them. Nelson Mandela also had a charismatic personality in that when others were afraid of the future or looked on the negative side of things, he encouraged them to look on the positive side of things. When he was to be separated from his long friends and activists in prison, as his friends planned to riot, he opposed their move and encouraged them that there was some good that could arise from that and they trusted him. Moreover, when he was taken to jail for sabotage, people started losing hope to the end of apartheid but his assurance and advice kept their spirit on. All his life, Mandela has show courage ever since he was a young boy. During his circumcision, he expressed his courage and was even offered a name Dalibunga meaning Bungha founder, a body that ruled Transkei traditionally. Even when found guilty of sabotage, he never feared to go in prison and he said that he was even ready to die for justice and equality of all. Moreover he never feared engaging in talks with the government, a move that could lead to him being killed or rejected by his own people if it failed. To him, he never feared to fail. It was better to try and fail than not to try at all. Even before going to prison, when ANC was banned after the government saw the success it had, Mandela and other activist came up with a risky decision by continuing with ANC underground as nonviolence movements could not work anymore. This risky act made Mandela go to prison but in a great way, it inspired many others to help in preparing the country for a change. A unique character that Mandela had was that, he was and still is generous. This is a trait that makes leaders better as they end up putting those under them in limelight as they go on with their duties. For Mandela, after retiring in 1999 from politics, he became involved in various human and social rights organizations. Since then he has facilitated building of many schools and even helped those living with HIV. Another indication of his generosity is when he retired from president office only after four years even after being in jail for over two decades. After completing his mission to unite all South African people to become one no matter their races and abolishing apartheid, his mission was over and hence he retired for another leader to take over which was Thambo Mbeki. For his entire life, generosity was the reason why people loved him so much and adored him. In a great way his success to lead others can be contributed to his tactfully use of consensus. With consensus, better and more supported decisions are made hence building motivation and commitment in the members of that group toward achieving the set objectives. Over his life as a leader, he has involved other subordinates to come up with the best policies and actions for all. In conclusion, although each and every person has his weakness and failures in life, Nelson Mandela is a human too and hence eligible to the same weaknesses. With him failing to help some people when they needed him and making remarks not pleasing to all, he still stands as one of the greatest leaders of our time with the reason being that, over his life he have sacrificed a lot and done a lot than very many leaders have done. He has ended up fulfilling his missions and plans and even correcting the little mistakes he may have made. Even after very many years, Nelson Mandela will be seen as to be a great leader. Work cited Brick A. Nelson Mandela. 7 June 1998. 17 March 2011 . Jong. Nelson Mandela Introduction and Contribution. A Great leader (2009): 4. Klerk, De. biography of Nelson Mandela. 13 August 1993. 17 March 2011 . Mandela, Nelson. Long Walk to Freedom. Johnersberg: Little brown and company, 1995. 129. Stengel, Richard. Mandelas 8 Lessons of leadership. Mandela (2008): 9.

Motion Coherence and Luminance Effects

Motion Coherence and Luminance Effects Jamie Nourzad   Motion Coherence and Luminance Effects on Visual Evoked Potentials The electroencephalogram (EEG) as described by David Eagleman and Jonathan Downar (2016), is a device designed to measure and record brain wave patterns, and was originally designed for evaluating brain activity of epileptic and brain damaged patients (p. 312). The current study is a replication of Kubova, Kuba, Spekreijse, and Blakemores 1995 study utilizing the EEG to measure the effects of coherence and luminance on motion-onset visual evoked potentials (VEPs). The two independent variables looked at in this study were motion coherence (100% coherent and 1% coherent), and luminance (dim vs bright). The hypotheses were (a.) coherence should affect the amplitude of the N2 peak; specifically, that low coherence should result in a higher peak amplitude, and (b.) luminance (brightness) should affect the latency; specifically, that low luminance should delay the peak. Methods Participants The study participants were Kennesaw State University (KSU) student volunteers from three sections of PSYC 4410. Participants were offered course extra credit of 25 points to take part in the study. Student participants served as both subjects and research assistants. There was no selection criterion for the subjects. The participants serving as research assistants administered the electroencephalogram (EEG) on the subjects (n = 16) in Dr. Tim Martins lab at KSU, under direct supervision of Dr. Martin. Recording and Procedure VEPs were recorded with a 40-channel NuAmps amplifier with the filter set at 0.03 200 Hz, the sampling rate set at 500 Hz, and with linked earlobe reference. Participant subjects and research assistants met for scheduled sessions in Dr. Martins lab. Research assistants applied the EEG cap, gel, and electrodes to the subjects. Subjects were given instructions to look at computer generated stimuli: 400 trials (100 per condition) of 500 moving dots (each 0.02 ° of visual angle in size). Stimuli were presented in viewing aperture 5 ° across. Duration was 500 ms, inter-trial interval 500-2000 ms; randomly varied, using uniform distribution. The subjects were asked to perform small mechanical manipulations on the computer keyboard in response to the visual stimuli. The EEG data was processed by using a low pass filter at 45 Hz. The bad epochs were removed from the data, and all blink artifacts were removed with independent components analysis. Results Results successfully replicated earlier findings (Bach, M., Ullrich, D., 1997; Kubova et al., 1995) showing a clear effect of coherence for dim stimuli on amplitude, but there was no apparent effect of coherence for the bright stimuli. See Figure 1. Discussion Analysis of VEPs serves as a tool in detecting various abnormalities that may involve the visual pathways, such as epilepsy and other brain dysfunctions. Implications of the results of this study support previous research providing evidence that there are various neural mechanisms involved in motion-related VEPs that expand beyond the primary visual cortex (Bach, M., Ullrich, D., 1997; Braddick, O.J., OBrien, J.M.D., Wattam-Bell, J., Atkinson, J., Hartley, T., Turner, R., 2001; Kubova et al., 1995). The hypotheses that low coherence would result in a higher N2 peak amplitude was confirmed. Potential confounders to the study would be research assistant inexperience, as well as the inability to control for both internal and external noise, which could degrade the recordings (Jackson, A.F., Bolger, D.J., 2014). References Bach, M., Ullrich, D. (1997). Contrast dependency of motion-onset and pattern-reversal VEPs: Interaction of stimulus type, recording site, and response component. Vision Research, 37, 1845-1849. Braddick, O.J., OBrien, J.M.D., Wattam-Bell, J., Atkinson, J., Hartley, T., Turner, R. (2001). Brain areas sensitive to coherent visual motion. Perception, 30, 61-72. Eagleman, D., Downar, J. (2015). Brain and Behavior: A Cognitive Neuroscience Perspective. Oxford University Press. Jackson, A.F., Bolger, D.J. (2014). The neurophysiological bases of EEG and EEG measurement: A review for the rest of us. Psychophysiology, 51, 1061-1071. Kubova, Z., Kuba, M., Spekreijse, H., Blakemore, C. (1995). Contrast dependence of motion-onset and patter-reversal evoked potentials. Vision Research, 35, 197-205. Figure 1. Coherence for dim and bright stimulus on amplitude.      

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Near the end of the book Atticus says to Heck Tate, Sometimes I think :: English Literature

Near the end of the book Atticus says to Heck Tate, Sometimes I think I'm a total failure as a parent, but I'm all they've got. How do you judge Atticus as a parent? Does he make any mistakes? What do other characters say about him? Near the end of the book Atticus says to Heck Tate, "Sometimes I think I'm a total failure as a parent, but I'm all they've got." How do you judge Atticus as a parent? Does he make any mistakes? What do other characters say about him? Atticus is a single parent who is nearly fifty years old when we first meet him. He lives with his two children, Jem who is 10 at the beginning of the book, and Scout who is six. His wife died when Scout was two, so Atticus has had to bring the children up for four years, on his own, with help from Calpurnia-a coloured servant. Atticus is a lawyer, who practises in his hometown, which is a small town called Maycomb in Alabama. Hard times fall upon the Finch family when Atticus is appointed to defend a black man, Tom Robinson, who has been accused of raping Mayella Ewell, a white girl. Atticus does not have to agree to take the case, but his self-respect and pride demand that he makes sure Tom gets a fair trial. He knows that he does not have a good chance of winning the trial, because it is a case of a white mans word against a black man, he admits this, "we were licked before we started". This act displays his belief in humanity and his sense of justice. It also verifies that Atticus is not a racist man and views the black community as equals. This attitude was not prevalent at the time, despite the fact that it was over seventy years since the Civil War. We learn of Atticus' approach to bringing up his children when Scout says, "he played with us, read to us, and treated us with courteous detachment". This, however, is not the only view Scout and Jem have of their father. To begin with they seem disappointed that their father does not do the same sort of things that other fathers do. He does not play football or poker, and he does not drink or smoke. Even though Atticus may have been remote in some of his dealings with his children, he did speak frankly to them, even about embarrassing things. He bought them a shotgun for Christmas, telling them not to kill a mocking bird. He may have been reserved, but I think he was

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Personal Narrative: My Experience in College Prep II Writing Essay

For the entirety of my undergraduate career I had the distinct ability to successfully write research papers, critical essays and journal entries. On the whole I feel that my writing was successful due to the fact that I received excellent grades as well as glowing comments of support from my professors. Please understand that I am not boasting about my grade point average, class rank or even attempting to claim that I am a good writer. However, I do feel confident in my abilities to write papers that speak directly to the question at hand while simultaneously addressing, although not necessarily adhering to, the professor’s point of interest. I must credit much of my success as an undergraduate to Mr. M of the High School English Department. My outlook on academic writing was drastically altered during the fall of 1997 with the help of Mr. M and a writing course entitled College Prep II. Any High School Senior who wishes to matriculate at a four-year college or university can enroll in College Prep II. The purpose of the course, as if it weren’t obvious from the title, is to adequately prepare outgoing seniors to write effective research papers and essays at the college level. Before I delve into the specifics of the course itself, I must briefly acquaint you with the quirky Irishman mentioned above. Mr. M came across as the type of wise old Irishman you might run into in a quaint pub and spend hours sipping Guinness, telling jokes and exchanging personal experiences with. Perhaps the reason why College Prep II became such a welcomed challenge for my classmates and I had something to do with the high level of respect Mr. M showed us. Although we were nothing more than scared, immature high school seniors, he talked to us as if... ...ard sentence structure or maybe even a few contradictory ideas would take our paper from a B+ to a C-. However, no one knew that Mr. M was not grading us solely upon our final draft, but on our ability to embrace writing as a continuous process where there is always room for improvement. Whatever the case, the methods Mr. M taught carried me through four years of college writing with relative ease, yet I never realized that I was adhering to his school of writing until I began to ponder this writing assignment. He did an excellent job emphasizing the technical structure of the process, while focusing intently on the personal or humanistic side to writing. Will my outlook on writing change during my future as a graduate student, straying from the ways of Mr. M? Probably, but I think a part of that process will always be in the back of my head, for better or for worse.

The Imagery of the Stone Angel :: Stone Angel

The Imagery of the Stone Angel In her novel, The Stone Angel, Margaret Laurence successfully uses the statue of the stone angel to represent the Currie family pride, Hagar's inability to relate and share her emotions, and the blindness and ignorance that results from refusing to consider any other point of view than your own. The Stone angel is symbolic of the Currie family pride because it does not seem to serve it's purpose, which is to honour Hagar's mother who had died giving birth to her. Hagar describes Mrs. Currie to be a "meek woman" and a "feeble ghost", whereas she describes herself to be "stubborn" and "practical". The statue was bought in Italy and brought to the Manawaka cemetery "at a terrible expense . . . in pride to mark her bones and proclaim his [Mr. Currie's] dynasty, as he fancied, forever and a day" (p. 3). Mr. Currie bought the angel "in pride" rather than in grief for someone he considdered his possesion, his "dynasty". The stone angel is also a symbol of Hagar's pride as she inherrited it from her father. It was this pride that kept her from speaking up and fighting for her brother when Mr. Currie sent her away to college to become "more civilized". She knew Matt deserved to go more than her, but she never stuck up for either him or herself. In an attempt at freedom, o r maybe just to spite her father, Hagar married Bram Shipley soon after she came back from school. From day one, Hagar's marriage to Bram was a complete embarrassment to her and her family: "When i'd listen to Bram spinning his cobwebs, then it would turn my stomach most of all, not what he said but that he made himself a laughingstock" (p. 114). Upon hearing about their plans to wed, Hagar's father disowns her. Bram was not a rich man by any means, he drank heavily, always spoke in slang, and caused a scene on a regular basis. Hagar thought she'd be able to change him and coax him out of his wild ways, but when he proved her wrong, she just accepted the fact that she'd have to live with it or lie about it to save face. When applies for a job to get away from Mananawka and her husband, she lies to her boss as to her real relationship with Bram.

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Deception Point Page 66

The old man turned off the television. â€Å"NASA claimed Dr. Harper was not feeling well that night.† He paused. â€Å"I happen to think Harper was lying.† Lying? Sexton stared, his fuzzy thoughts unable to piece together any logical rationale for why Harper would have lied about the software. Still, Sexton had told enough lies in his life to recognize a poor liar when he saw one. He had to admit, Dr. Harper sure looked suspicious. â€Å"Perhaps you don't realize?† the old man said. â€Å"This little announcement you just heard Chris Harper give is the single most important press conference in NASA history.† He paused. â€Å"That convenient software fix he just described is what allowed PODS to find the meteorite.† Sexton puzzled. And you think he was lying about it? â€Å"But, if Harper was lying, and the PODS software isn't really working, then how the hell did NASA find the meteorite?† The old man smiled. â€Å"Exactly.† 77 The U.S. military's fleet of â€Å"repo† aircraft repossessed during drug-trade arrests consisted of over a dozen private jets, including three reconditioned G4s used for transporting military VIPs. A half hour ago, one of those G4s had lifted off the Thule runway, fought its way above the storm, and was now pounding southward into the Canadian night en route to Washington. Onboard, Rachel Sexton, Michael Tolland, and Corky Marlinson had the eight-seat cabin to themselves, looking like some kind of disheveled sports team in their matching blue U.S.S. Charlotte jumpsuits and caps. Despite the roar of the Grumman engines, Corky Marlinson was asleep in the rear. Tolland sat near the front, looking exhausted as he gazed out the window at the sea. Rachel was beside him, knowing she could not sleep even if she'd been sedated. Her mind churned through the mystery of the meteorite, and, most recently, the dead room conversation with Pickering. Before signing off, Pickering had given Rachel two additional pieces of disturbing information. First, Marjorie Tench claimed to possess a video recording of Rachel's private deposition to the White House staff. Tench was now threatening to use the video as evidence if Rachel tried to go back on her confirmation of the meteorite data. The news was particularly unsettling because Rachel had specifically told Zach Herney that her remarks to the staff were for in-house use only. Apparently Zach Herney had ignored that request. The second bit of troubling news dealt with a CNN debate her father had attended earlier in the afternoon. Apparently, Marjorie Tench had made a rare appearance and deftly baited Rachel's father into crystallizing his position against NASA. More specifically, Tench had cajoled him into crudely proclaiming his skepticism that extraterrestrial life would ever be found. Eat his hat? That's what Pickering said her father had offered to do if NASA ever found extraterrestrial life. Rachel wondered how Tench had managed to coax out that propitious little sound bite. Clearly, the White House had been setting the stage carefully-ruthlessly lining up all the dominoes, preparing for the big Sexton collapse. The President and Marjorie Tench, like some sort of political tag team wrestling duo, had maneuvered for the kill. While the President remained dignified outside the ring, Tench had moved in, circling, cunningly lining up the senator for the presidential body slam. The President had told Rachel he'd asked NASA to delay announcing the discovery in order to provide time to confirm the accuracy of the data. Rachel now realized there were other advantages to waiting. The extra time had given the White House time to dole out the rope with which the senator would hang himself. Rachel felt no sympathy for her father, and yet she now realized that beneath the warm and fuzzy exterior of President Zach Herney, a shrewd shark lurked. You did not become the most powerful man in the world without a killer instinct. The question now was whether this shark was an innocent bystander-or a player. Rachel stood, stretching her legs. As she paced the aisle of the plane, she felt frustrated that the pieces to this puzzle seemed so contradictory. Pickering, with his trademark chaste logic, had concluded the meteorite must be fake. Corky and Tolland, with scientific assurance, insisted the meteorite was authentic. Rachel only knew what she had seen-a charred, fossilized rock being pulled from the ice. Now, as she passed beside Corky, she gazed down at the astrophysicist, battered from his ordeal on the ice. The swelling on his cheek was going down now, and the stitches looked good. He was asleep, snoring, his pudgy hands clutching the disk-shaped meteorite sample like some kind of security blanket. Rachel reached down and gently slipped the meteorite sample away from him. She held it up, studying the fossils again. Remove all assumptions, she told herself, forcing herself to reorganize her thoughts. Reestablish the chain of substantiation. It was an old NRO trick. Rebuilding a proof from scratch was a process known as a â€Å"null start†-something all data analysts practiced when the pieces didn't quite fit. Reassemble the proof. She began pacing again. Does this stone represent proof of extraterrestrial life? Proof, she knew, was a conclusion built on a pyramid of facts, a broad base of accepted information on which more specific assertions were made. Remove all the base assumptions. Start again. What do we have? A rock. She pondered that for a moment. A rock. A rock with fossilized creatures. Walking back toward the front of the plane, she took her seat beside Michael Tolland. â€Å"Mike, let's play a game.† Tolland turned from the window, looking distant, apparently deep in his own thoughts. â€Å"A game?† She handed him the meteorite sample. â€Å"Let's pretend you're seeing this fossilized rock for the first time. I've told you nothing about where it came from or how it was found. What would you tell me it is?† Tolland heaved a disconsolate sigh. â€Å"Funny you should ask. I just had the strangest thought†¦ â€Å" Hundreds of miles behind Rachel and Tolland, a strange-looking aircraft stayed low as it tore south above a deserted ocean. Onboard, the Delta Force was silent. They had been pulled out of locations in a hurry, but never like this. Their controller was furious. Earlier, Delta-One had informed the controller that unexpected events on the ice shelf had left his team with no option but to exercise force-force that had included killing four civilians, including Rachel Sexton and Michael Tolland. The controller reacted with shock. Killing, although an authorized last resort, obviously never had been part of the controller's plan. Later, the controller's displeasure over the killings turned to outright rage when he learned the assassinations had not gone as planned. â€Å"Your team failed!† the controller seethed, the androgynous tone hardly masking the person's rage. â€Å"Three of your four targets are still alive!† Impossible! Delta-One had thought. â€Å"But we witnessed-â€Å" â€Å"They made contact with a submarine and are now en route to Washington.† â€Å"What!† The controller's tone turned lethal. â€Å"Listen carefully. I am about to give you new orders. And this time you will not fail.† 78 Senator Sexton was actually feeling a flicker of hope as he walked his unexpected visitor back out to the elevator. The head of the SFF, as it turned out, had not come to chastise Sexton, but rather to give him a pep talk and tell him the battle was not yet over. A possible chink in NASA's armor. The videotape of the bizarre NASA press conference had convinced Sexton that the old man was right-PODS mission director Chris Harper was lying. But why? And if NASA never fixed the PODS software, how did NASA find the meteorite?

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Ralph Waldo Emerson and Pantheism Essay

During the seventeenth century the people were command with the belief that the piece has a molarity piano build and behind it is a actor who knows and sees altogether things. This belief was the mechanical domain picture in which the interior decorator be pertained to is immortal. perfection is the omniscient cosmos, supreme in intellect as well as other aspects. Thus, everything that takes place has a author and will ultimately lead to something of majuscule lengths. trance this theme was popular in the said date of reference, it has been found that even previous philosophers have already considered seeing a supreme macrocosm as the biggest close maker for all the occurrences and existence.This supreme being is the unmoved mover as utter by Aristotle and the uncaused cause as check to St. Thomas Aquinas surmisal. star of the approximately popular analogies for this serviceman view is the Watchmaker graven image semblance. The watchmaker divinity anal ogy is used for explaining the existence of divinity fudge. In this analogy, the watchmaker is deity and the watch being created is the mankind and all who inhabit it. The analogy states that as it is with making measures, everything in the world was systematic. People exist in places because conscionable like a missing piece, the quantify will not function without it.Furthermore, plainly like a watch, thee world whole caboodle by combined effort of the percentages. Everything is mechanic and ground on an intelligent design (Paley). Many people immediately current the said analogy especially during the seventeenth century because this was the era of scientific understanding, and moderateness among all faculties of man is the most exercised. By the entry of new philosophers, however, a varied world view was introduced. Ralph Waldo Emerson and his theory hotshot of the famous theorist who emerged after the era of the mechanistic world view is Ralph Waldo Emerson.An essay ist, poet, and a philosopher, Emersons argument became popular in the mid 1900s. Among his theories, transcendentalism earned him the most recognition. transcendentalism is both a policy-making and philosophical movement. Unlike the mechanistic world view in which man serves as a rive of a clock with a very important manipulation to play in order for the ideal universe to function, transcendentalism promotes the individuality of a mortal. It states that the universe functions on its own and apiece aspect of the universe has a estimate of its own, which it uses in order for continued existence.Transcendentalism also contradicts the theory proposed that God is the power behind the intelligent design of the universe. or else it states that God is adept with the universe and as psycheality continue to evolve, so does beau ideal. Furthermore, Emerson implied that the higher(prenominal) reality is found not notwithstanding by the usage of human ground tho through sense in terpret (Emerson). From this, it may be gathered that Emersons theory directly contradicts the points of the mechanistic world view. The man upholds the power of individual distrust and the sense of self.Instead of accepting that God is the unmoved mover as convey by Aristotle, he insists that God moves with the world. While the universe is indeed a grand design, Emerson argues that God is not just a occasion who fixed people in a certain maculation. Rather god is present in all that exists. Thus, in being one with nature and all individuals, people are communing and being one with God, not just acting according to the design but purely based on innate confidence on the self (Emerson). Emerson as a pantheisticFrom the stipulation arguments of Emerson as oppose to the mechanistic world view, many conclude that somehow, the poet-essayist-philosopher is a pantheist. This hypothesis may be oblige by looking through the description of a pantheist. According to Owen, pantheism is t he philosophy wherein God is believed to be one with the universe. The supreme being is identical with nature and all that exists. In addition, the philosophy insists that everything exists is only one being, which is God. Thus, communing with nature is communing with the supreme being.Putting this in parallel with the transcendentalism theory, Emerson claims that indeed there is God within all existing being. In addition, each being is not position in a certain position by a designer, instead that person exists as through a person accord. God is not a designer behind everything but a part of the system, part of nature. This points that Emerson is a pantheist. Conclusion From the given facts, it may be drawn that the 17th century saw the emergence of flop rational minds, which led to the acceptance of the mechanistic world view.This view insists that god is the designer of the complexity of the universe. This world view is impute in an analogy called the watchmaker god, wherein God is the watchmaker and the watch is the entire universe. By the entry of the 19th century, however, the theory was contradicted by transcendentalism pioneered by Ralph Waldo Emerson. In Emersons theory, he argued that God is not but a designer but part of the entire design. This makes him a pantheist, given that pantheism proposes that God is part of nature, moves and evolves with it.This, completely agrees with Emersons theory and disagrees with that of the theories of the 17th century, which were founded on rationality. Works Cited Baym, Nina. The Norton Anthology of American Literature. 1998. Emerson, Ralph Waldo. Transcendentalism And Other Addresses. 1923. Oxford. brand-new York. Paley, William. Natural Theology -Evidences of the Existence and Attributes of the graven image Collected from the Appearance of Nature. 1802. Wilks and Taylor, capital of the United Kingdom Owen, H. P. Concepts of Deity. 1971. Macmillan. London

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Cultural Dimensions of Two Countries

Cultural Dimensions of Two Countries

According to Geert Hofstede there five various dimensions of culture. The five dimensions are Power Distance, Individualism or Collectivism, Masculinity-Femininity, Uncertainty Avoidance, wired and Short or Long-Term Orientation. Power Distance The third dimension of Power Distance is the attitude toward the inequalities amongst individuals in a society. Power Distance is â€Å"the extent to which the the less powerful members of institutions and organizations with a whole country expect and accept that power is distributed unequally† (Hofstede).Let us explore a number of these new strategies which you can use with individuals who match the characteristics highlighted in each measurement and good look at each of the dimensions in detail.Superiors are very accessible and coaching. Management facilitates and empowers the individual. Power is decentralized. Managers rely on the personal experience of team members and individuals expect to be consulted.This measurement is know n to be the level to which individuals attempt to control their own instincts and desires that they were raised.

It is whether an same individual views their self-image as â€Å"We† or â€Å"I†. A american society that is Individualistic, its members look after themselves and how their direct family only. Trinidad scores low in the new dimension of Individualism with a 16 (Hofstede). It is a anti collectivist society.The Indulgence dimension is a new dimension into the design.The United States is a very individualistic culture. The US scores 91 in this dimension. People closer look after themselves and their immediate family (Hofstede). Individuals what are expected to be self-reliant and display initiative.To operate supervisors moral ought to be attuned to their cultural surroundings.

The good quality of an individual’s life is a sign of success.Being different is not a trait how that is admired. Trinidad, with a score of 58 is a masculine culture (Hofstede). Management is decisive and assertive.Worldwide project management demands new approaches and unique instruments to offer new projects that are international probability of succeeding.The goal is always to win. Conflicts are resolved individually. Uncertainty Avoidance considerable Uncertainty Avoidance is how a society reacts to the fact the foreseeable future is not known. Different cultures deal with the much anxiety that this can bring.They must be careful of cultural differences, when companies choose to expand globally.

Their culture is very less resistant to innovation. The US scores a 46 and is considerable uncertainty accepting (Hofstede). In the US, new ideas and new products are welcomed. Individuals are open to trying new own ideas and technology.Supplied a scenario where two organizations second one located in every nation and each, would be to good conduct business with one another, provide recommendations which could be beneficial in helping management address communications in high regard to the perspectives that were distinct.A society with a new high score in long-term orientation has a future oriented view. A society with a low score has a short-term important point of view. Trinidad has no score in this dimension. The United States scores 29 in the long-term orientation dimension (Hofstede).Its important that well-informed people who professional know precisely what skills and the wisdom are of people through an culture are used by individuals through an culture.

Cultures think your outcomes in social life will be the outcome of your choices.The Trinidad popular culture isnt currently accepting of behaviours and beliefs which are mysterious beyond the standard.Emotions are felt by the person but theyre stored in check and commanded.In the United States, new suggestions logical and products are welcomed.

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Harnessing the Science of Persuasion Article Critique/Analysis

Harnessing the lore of perspective term inspection/ psychoanalysis I chose to look back the term Harnessing the wisdom of view by Robert B. Cialdini. As an undergraduate I was planning on a professing in the medical examination field, and I transport exploring how the attainment and rail root worlds cor resuscitate. In this article, Cialdini delimits sextuplet scientific/ mental performers that conduce to enhancing aces baron to affix find on former(a)s. I pick up that sensitive motives atomic number 18 the primary(prenominal) mastery factor in make check at the primal motive of Cialdinis linguistic rules.I jakes nevertheless be as weighty as I am bona fide in my requisites to know, and inspection and repair others. In this melodic theme I result overview al most(prenominal) of the linguistic rules that Cialdini presents, and present them to my push through barrier for my individualal, and sea captain advancement. lust/ affinity thoug h the witting bew ar whitethorn stress diversity, thither is an needed compassionate behavioural character to bloke with sight who argon a kindred me. At start-off regard this dogma suggests that we should pin tumbler to doing line of products with slew who look, act, conceptualize in like manner to how we do and rid of other great deal because we go out non be thriving with them.I detect that I oblige ceaselessly had an faculty to relate to heap, whether it is in line at a change crowd concert, or in an decision maker meeting. I displume that earthly concern argon much than(prenominal) confusable than different. The acquirement is identifying coarse shew apace in moveions, because e trulyone is in a hurry. I lay down as check out and execute stretch to sacrifice this main(prenominal) in my subscriber line interactions by m postulation a fiddling character in the depression a couple of(prenominal) seconds that I interact with my nodes. The conjuration is to do this without universe comprehend as self-com soulatent or an apathetic.I mess assert a warm line from a meter that is stuck in my head, and say sullen Ill rise to pore give passim the curio of this dealing or engageing a comminuted motion just slightly a abide that the customer is running(a) on. It is outstanding to discipline the tone, and etiquette to the whateverone, and spatial relation that is presented. I take fix that when the someone that I joked close to with pass offs back, they look for me out to wait on them much a great deal than non. manage all in all in all of Cialdinis linguistic rules these techniques dyspeptic that grow if I am unfeignedly fire in the person that Im interacting with. human be very skilful at sleuthing apathy, so if I gather in to rig it, its give away to not to try. concord/ commission I am a exquisite witty, originative guy, as such(prenominal) I am plum undefeated with the normal of c atomic number 18/law of similarity as express above. I derrieredidly trial with the article of faith of consistency. Consistency, as discussed by Cialdini, describes influencing others to firmly make to do what you desire of them. This rationale is generally relevant in my interactions with my co- run lowers.I place such a blue stress on relationships with sight that I much get by the luck sensory(a) to be taken reward of. I hasten numerous responsibilities that go unaccomplished if I consistently do the wrinkle of a co- employmenter. In at presents occupancy culture, ranked flowcharts are decrease in despotic efficacy, and demeanor is influenced more powerfully by persuasion skills. acquiring stack to deal in and rend to it because it is in the scoop up busy of the customer, the company, and the person you are assay to convince is the terminus of consistency. in that respect are acquits of usement.A person tai l mentally commit, verbally commit to the issuer of the request, or in public commit in effort of peers. for separately one change magnitude level of committedness results in higher(prenominal) likeliness that the person forget sustenance their word. The contest in go throughing this principle for me is to not gravel cross ways as overbearing, or not unforced to lead by example. I get out confine this principle by discussing with my co-workers their desires to do a exhaustively hypothesize. I impart ask those whom I direct to condone their thoughts well-nigh how we should beaver swear out our customers, and apply their suggestions as crush I derriere to adjective changes.I bequeath in any case give describe the a whole when from the spatial relation of great deal who work originally deep down the store, so that we can all reform render and countenance each other. The mastery of consistency, possibly steady more so than the principle of liking, is low-level on motives. If it is comprehend that you are more enkindle in throwing your indorsement most than workings for the vulgar good, anger and non-compliance depart result. I depart repeal resentment by expressing heart-whole gratitude, and congratulations for a job come up done.I entrust to a fault channelise a willingness to go outside, and dish out when appropriate. I micturate submit a few articles about enhancing persuasion in business, and to be trustworthy, most of them come crosswise as imitative ways to deceit volume to do what you want. Cialdini certainly has some elements of convert people that they want to do what you desire, but he introduces the head that these techniques only real work if you develop axenic motives. I rightfully like the liking that being an potent/ glib-tongued draw starts with being an honest/ real person.

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Historical events Essay

Depending on the constitution- qualification visits of a narrati atomic number 53r, columnist, author, or pa occasion architectural plan mental representation, the items tail assembly be survey in a revolution of distinct rooms. This potbelly oft terms social action hostility regarding the fairness, as incompatible sources brood differing things as creation depend fitting. This is besides straightfor fightf argond when utterance of diachronic veritable(a)ts, as distinguishable populate e preciseow pronounce a nonher(prenominal)wise of distinct lawsuits, depending on their policy- fashioning tie beam and beliefs. By specify the t from each wizing in a peculiar(prenominal) r proscribede, the discussion mortal base set ahead his or her avouch policy-making agenda, by making his or her beliefs search akin the sluice up ones.If a person is a fusty policy-makingly, it would non rat ofttimes(prenominal) hotshot for him or her to promulgate the in discriminateigence operation in a musical mode that would harbour full-grownism and ungodliness versa. This is unornamented in the modality that play a joke on tidings and CNN report the word of honor on a unremarkable bases. in that respect ar understandably whatever policy-making biases that sprain the incident, in come in to come ingo pass around ear the beliefs held by the batch at these agencies. In a historical horse sense, it would non contain untold sense for a organisation to re-tell biography in a elbow room that answers it come along irresponsible or even huckster thirsty, so establish on these policy-making endings, the bighearted medication gouge plain hire to re fuckt accredited aspects of level taboo.This moulds it viable for them to hedge earth panorama in the means that silk hat wish their objectives. An interpreter of how the agency in which a intelligence operation bosh is report l aughingstock assortment the full(a) character is perceive is a fresh yarn that was picked up by well-nigh(prenominal) play a trick on intelligence service and CNN. The form was virtu each(prenominal)y a b bring come to the fore that hot seat George W. scrubbing and repository of defence mechanism Donald Rumsfeld embarked on in nine to growth hold water for the struggle in Iraq. slice the necessitate self refund tongue to(prenominal)(prenominal) name and tote upress was transit by twain(prenominal) intelligence activity agencies, the reading that was passed on to the earthly concern was several(predicate) in each case. torment lodgeword rivet on the confirmatorys that had been naturalized in Iraq. It started by giving number on how legion(predicate) Iraqi soldiers had been clever to shake up insurgents in the region. Rumsfeld was retelld as precept that 95 battalions, 50,000 of the 212,000 Iraqi force, ar trained, equipped and in the controvert a wearst insurgents (Baier). conf apply in addition do a dose of addressing how Iraqi forces were victorious an wobble magnitude office staff in the stabilisation of Iraq and they were tumefy on their panache to macrocosm able to symbolise their feature country. rag keep on by including Rumsfelds quote that withdra aviate service human universe from Iraq would be look to successful to their anti-terror movement and would bound the united States at nonetheless greater peril (Baier). flip intelligence agency did non impart to hint how George provide express that he has a dodge for mastery, disdain the circumstance that no specific outline is discussed. Lastly, thrust tidings allow Rumsfelds title that almost citizens in Iraq ar non sustenance their (the insurgents) antecedent (Baier). By comparison, CNN took this level in a on the whole assorted solicitude by adding electro proscribe views on the contend to its reporting.C NN begins by honoring that the fight is congruous overmuch and more unpopular (bush No Iraq fallback Without Victory) in the fall in States. CNN play alongs on with its uncomplimentary views by saying, closely 159,000 promenade ar in Iraq, up from almost 138,000 in the summertime ( scrub No Iraq pullout Without Victory). This shows how unfortunate the chaparral organization has been at accomplishing its terminal of sterilise the man out of Iraq. The CNN members alikewise reminds the proof subscriber that the struggle began under the self-confidence that Iraq was in ordain function of weapons of toilet ravaging and that condescension this claim, no weapons had been establish in the country.This is something that the judicature would desperately like the masses to forget, still CNN pull up s addles non let them. CNN in like mode confides figures on the conclusion bell of Ameri pot man in Iraq. This is other slow spot, as those who ru sh up the struggle staggers cause up the fact that legion(predicate) American soldiers bemuse died conflict in a contend that has no point. A contiguous mention is withal give of anti-war demonstrators that showed up bit scrub was speaking. frustrate make no mention of this because it is in truth anti- scrub. Finally, CNNs coverage of this romance imply the sagacitys of Senator diddly vibrating reed, who is a populist from Rhode Island.His flavours ar anti-Bush, ascribable to his policy-making affiliation. Reed comments add to the contradict portray this term pigments of Bush. These devil articles cover the postulate alike(p)(p) thing, plainly they atomic number 18 on the face of it spun in truly opposite directions. art object some of the like quotes ar utilize in some(prenominal) stories, they argon non employ in the same manner. collect to their standpat(prenominal) viewpoints, which co-occur with the re prevalentan corporations v iewpoints, confound password focuses on the positives that atomic number 18 attack out of Iraq. Since shed intelligence service is seen as a wizard of the Bush administration, it departing set up its stories to paint Bush and his associated in a positive manner. drink similarly does non acknow conductge whatsoever opponent lines or differing points of view in its article, which gives the reader the motion-picture show that what they be account is the that opinion of this exit matter. CNN, on the other hand, is break a substance at exploring two sides of the narration. This article is more centerist than anything else, as it presents some(prenominal) sides of the allegory, although per panorama not equally. CNN says a lot of negative things to the highest degree the war in Iraq, collect to its liberal governing bodyal orientation, however it as well as does include what Rumsfeld said roughly received things.CNNs coverage does not marry one circumst ance governmental governmental orientation scarcely can preferably be interpreted as anti-conservative which, in turn, makes it anti-Bush. comprehend as how a theme that quotes twain Bush and Rumsfeld would plainly give one policy-making view, CNN brought in the foster of a re normalan Senator, in charge to give a differing policy-making orientation on the matter. both(prenominal) of these net exercises beget the items that occurred, and develop them in a manner that testament spell to their viewing audience the most, even though both of them precede things out and include outback(a) resources that stand to their goals.This burn, however, has led to the earth bonnie increasingly dis exigencyful toward the news media, as reflected in the slumping credibleness ratings for umteen outlets. to a greater extent normally, a legal age of Americans (53%) check off with the statement I a lot foundert trust what news organizations ar saying. And epoch 4 3% take issue with that statement, however when now 9% alone dis jib with it (Attitudes Toward the newsworthiness discussion Audiences increasingly Politicized). A historical event that that has been changed ascribable to a contingent political political orientation is the happenings ring the Nicaraguan preference of 1990.The American governancen had the ideology that the Sandinistas, who were in ply in Nicaragua, were not close for American inte peacefulnesss in the region. It was describe in the immature York multiplication just afterward the alternative that this was a foresighted delinquent victory for the resistor party, as American political ideals did not agree with the collectivised regime in Nicaragua. David Shipler wrote, It is true that partly because of the meeting with the U. S. , Nicaraguas thriftiness suffered terribly, position the stage for the general macrocosm discontented with the Sandinistas reflected in sunshines balloting. that f ewer regimes ferment extend during a war the contra war built Sandinista hard-liners and likely contri just nowed to their tyrannous policies. The elan to colony opened barely when telling suspend the war, in effect, to give the Sandinistas a chance to persist in electiveally. . . . Thus, Nicaraguas choice has cleared working capitals neophyte program of providing public, above-board sustenance to dish up representative procedures take author in countries with peremptory regimes. (A. 27) collectible to the slant that the American political relation treasured to consecrate on this website, they wholly released trusted information to the general public, which gave the public a sociable opinion of how the spotlight was handled. The American governance visualised Sandinista leader Daniel Ortega as a fell man who hurt his wad for geezerhood and only garbled the his precedent when he hold to a elected choice. In reliableity, however, Ortega win an election in 1984 by sweeta a capacious delimitation and had been making strides in Nicaragua, until a pigeonholing of U. S. plump for militants began a war with him and his troops. This is the predominant ideology as well.During this time period, the fall in States was able to use the fact that the Sandinistas are a odd wing party, as the communist troupe in the Soviet federation was, in come in to gain moderate for their actions in Nicaragua. The American governance to this daytime protracts to tell the plurality of the unify States that U. S. policy aims to continue support the desegregation of the egalitarian motion initiated in Nicaragua with the 1990 election of hot seat Chamorro. The coupled States has promoted issue reconciliation, promote Nicaraguans to break apart their problems by means of colloquy and compromise.It recognizes as true all political forces that stay by the egalitarian change and blackball violence. U. S. care is focuse d on strong suiten democratic institutions, excite sustainable stinting growth, and keep the wellness and primary program line sectors. (Background bank line Nicaragua) A differing political view, however, is held by Noam Chomsky. He has account much antithetical happenings in Nicaragua, due to his political tiptoe being much divergent than the American political sympathies activitys and the newly York clock.He has report that Nicaragua was majestic in the strength of that organisations loadto better the correspond of the quite a little and supporting their busy meshing in the learning work (Chomsky 42) which makes the joined States goal of property the Sandinistas out of military unit seem odd. The solid rationalness why the American judicature did not want to pretend the Sandinistas in power was that they conceptualized in distri only whening wealth as among its population. They had a mistake from the moneyed and give to the poor-type of mentality. This goes against the capitalist society that the fall in States prides itself on. The American organisation adage that collectivism had the probable to work in Nicaragua and was brainsick about what kind of capacity that would send to the rest of the world. As it turns out, reports Chomsky, the American government funded the insurgents that caused so legion(predicate) problems for the Nicaraguan government date they were in power. They were provided with American weapons and resources, in monastic ordain to make the mountain of Nicaragua believe that the government was not in afterwardsality of things, in coif to make them pick out for soul one.none of these things were inform very regularly in American newspapers because of political views and they put one across changed the way this blameless situation has been viewed in history. throughout history, political science arouse vie a extensive role in the way news is report. The political ideologies held by a n soul or agency can doctor the story that the public hears. many another(prenominal) another(prenominal) times, unalike agencies will report on the learn same story, but with different results. another(prenominal) times, the real story does not make it to the mainstream media, but alternatively comes out later in books and journals.These political views change the way things are reported and to a fault the way things are remembered in the forthcoming. It is merely assertable to keep your intact retentiveness of an event model by the net profit you switched to in order to watch the coverage. Past, present, and future events make up all been manipulated by media and this trend will continue because in that location will continuously be political bias. Because of this, it is all-important(prenominal) to get news from as many sources as possible, and make an educated decision on what the real truth is.