Friday, July 26, 2019

Child Psychology Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Child Psychology - Research Paper Example Friendship tends to develop between people of similar age groups, sex, race, education, income, and occupational and marital status (Noller, et. al., 97-98). People tend to relate and communicate with people on their same level. Similarities are often the major attraction to building friendships. There are some cases of friendship that develops because of certain experiences that brings them together, allowing them to share something together. There are rarely friendships between two people without no connection on any of the above mentioned groupings or experiences. People tend to gravitate towards other people of the same background or of the same experiences as they have since the similarities tend to ground the friendship, make the friendship even more meaningful as it allows them to share something between them. This is mostly true for friendships between young adults. As one expands his environment, or his horizon, one tends to search for a group to belong with. This leads to s earching for people, whom he can develop a personal relationship with. Thus, this proves that one’s personality can easily be identified through the set of friends that they have and maintain. This is especially true in early adulthood friendship, as one faces different life experiences, he encounters different people which they can relate to. An example of this is the workplace, wherein one tends to gravitate towards people of the same position, income and educational background. In young adults, there are four major issues in the study of friendships (Noller, et. al., 98-100). These are the extent and depth of friendships, perceptions and understanding of friendship, gender differences and behavioral processes in the friendship. In the early adulthood stage, one experiences drastic changes in his environment, whether he is in the later part of his college life or on the early stages of a professional career

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