Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Violent Media with Parental Involement is Better Than Without It Essay

Violent Media with Parental Involement is Better Than Without It - Essay Example main contention is that violent media helps children master their rage, develop confidence and enables them to handle their personal and family problems effectively. Jones believes that the present day society is too afraid of rage and violence and aims to suppress it in the same manner as the Victorian society once suppressed sexuality. He further argues that violence and sexuality are natural inst in humans and it is wrong to suppress them. Jones also emphasizes that stifling such human emotions will ultimately hamper the development of children’s identifies. I agree with Jones’ contention that violent media can be positively used to help children understand and control their rage, if there is parental or adult involvement, but I oppose his belief that trashy aspects of pop culture have developmental functions, especially since his logic suffers from the fallacies of post hoc, overgeneralization and slippery slope. The claim of Jones that violent media can be used as a tool for children to understand and control their rage, depending on their circumstances, is founded on sound reasoning. Research evidence suggests that children who are products of broken and dysfunctional families, especially boys, tend to develop anti-social and aggressive attitudes and behaviors in the later stages of their lives (Kimm and Kim). Violent media in such situations can be used as a form of therapy, as long as children receive parental or adult supervision as well as guidance from psychologists or counselors. Jones’ statement that â€Å"At its most fundamental level, what we call ‘creative violence’ †¦ gives children a tool to master their rage,† is credible to some extent. If a child watches violence under the supervision of a responsible adult, the latter may be able to explain the reason for the violence, which will offer the child an insight into when violence is justified and when not. Similarly, when a negative result entails from enraged behavior on the screen,

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