Friday, June 14, 2019

The Health & Safety of Migrant workers within the UK Construction Essay

The Health & Safety of Migrant workers within the UK Construction effort - Essay ExampleThe migrant workers on the other hand, have responded on the extreme reflecting their over anxiety, thus to some extent distorting the reality.The Health and Safety trouble in the construction industry has become more important than ever with the number of construction projects continuing to grow at a rapid whole step both for new build and refurbishments. The labour profile also keeps changing as more and more workers enter the industry. Accidents resulting in fatalities and injuries to the workforce continue intense and in fact, are on the increase with the result, the Government is very concerned and the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) works with the Government on an ongoing basis. An perform framework has been agreed to between the Government, the HSE, employers and the trade unions (Hughes and Ferrett.2008, p 143).Occupational health and safety are of concern in all the branches of indus try, business and even training technology companies. It is all the more important for the construction industry. It is necessary to examine the foundations of the health and safety management systems. Occupational health and safety is important in all kinds of work. If it is a low hazard occupation, the organization may have a single competent manager to supervise the health and safety of the workers. On other hand, in a high hazard industry, there is a health and safety practitioner assisted by the engineers of different branches such as civil etc, lawyers, medical doctors, nurses, trainers, work planners and supervisors (Hughes and Ferrett .2008, p 1). The Construction industry contributes 8 % to the GDP of UK, making itself the largest industry in the country. 10 % of the working population is act in the construction industry having an annual turnover of 250 billion. Although the U.K. construction industry is world renowned, it is one of the most

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