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Sociology, Annotated Bibliography Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Sociology, - Annotated Bibliography Example 2. Gozdziak, E.M., (2004) Training Refugee Mental Health Providers: Ethnography as a bridge to multicultural practice- Human Organization. Journal of the society for applied anthropology, vol. 63 (2) 203-210. 2004. Gozdziak in this paper discusses a psychological problem of refugees which is becoming serious. With the passage of time the number of refuges in the world is increasing, and this is resulting in increased mental complexities of these refuges. This article focuses on the importance of training programs to train psychologists to deal with the diverse pool of refugees for providing them mental support. Anthropology is also discussed in the article as a contributing factor n this regard. Menjivar has paid attention towards social networks with all their complexities amongst the Salvadoran immigrants. The book talks about scarcity of resources and the importance and need of sharing those with family and friends. Immigration is never easy, and this is what Menjivar is trying to establish here. From sociological analysis point of view the book is really good. It is highly informative. 4. Menjivar, C. (2006). Family reorganization in a context of legal uncertainty: Guatemalan and Salvadoran Immigrants in the United States.International Journal of Sociology of the Family vol 32(20) 223-245. Menjivar has discussed the issues of Immigrants in the Uni... Due importance has been given to the painstaking breaking and remaking of family ties and reorganizations. Legal issues faced by the immigrants, how the law can come between family members and how socially problematic lives immigrants may lead afterwards is the focus of this book. 5. Menjivar, C. (2004). Teen Life in El Salvador. Edited by Tompkins, C. and Sternberg, K. Westford, Conn: Greenwood Publishing Group Co. Pp. 155-171 With her extensive research and writing experience in the field of psychological issues and sociology, Menjivar has brought forward the true picture of life as a teenager in El Salvador. The issues of teens are highlighted in the book. Relationship between teen unresolved issues and crime rate is mentioned while the issues and their solutions are also discussed. 6. Menjvar, C. and Marsiglia, F. F. 2004. Nicaraguan and Salvadoran Children and Families. Edited by Fong, R. New York: Guilford Publications. Pp. 253-273 Menjvar and Marsiglia discuss the social issues faced by Nicaraguans as well as Salvadoran Families and Children. As immigrants these people face a lot of problem which sometimes creates very complex situations. To avoid those situations, the practices with these families should be acceptable for them culturally. This is the focus of this book. 7. Menjvar, C. and Rodrguez, N. 2005. New Responses to State Terror. Austin: University of Texas Press. Pp. 335-346 Menjvar and Rodrguez talk about the carelessness of states due to the loopholes in welfare policies or legal issues. The book focuses on the responsibility of the states as a supporter and provider and it criticizes the loose rules which sometimes practically kill families, social life or psychologically normal behavior. 8. Menjvar, C. 2006. Global

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