Thursday, October 10, 2019

What Is Cheating?

If a survey was conducted to find out what most persons considered cheating in a relationship the majority of people would say, any sexual involvement with another person that is not your spouse or partner. The WordNet defines cheating as the act of being unfaithful to a spouse or lover. Adulterer, cheater, two-timer or â€Å"player† are all words that describe someone that cheats. These are all words to describe someone that is unfaithful, disloyal, dishonest and untrustworthy in a relationship. What really is cheating in a relationship? Cheating is not just an act of sexual involvement. Cheating is any emotion or act that is a hindrance to an exclusive and committed relationship. Dawn and David were married for five years with two kids. David had spent most of his time at the office while Dawn took care of the kids. David was in the real estate business so he was always meeting new people. One day he met a lady, Stephanie. Stephanie and David exchanged email addresses so that they can further discuss real estate business. An innocent chat that was supposed to be strictly business lead to something more emotional. Over a period of six months David and Stephanie developed feelings for each other. Every night and day he found himself constantly chatting to Stephanie. One night they both expressed that they truly loved each other even though they were in committed relationships. David got a divorce and started a relationship with Stephanie. In this incidence David and Stephanie did not have sexual intercourse. However, they developed a strong bond where eventually they fell in love. David spent most of his time chatting with Stephanie. Stephanie got to know his feelings and thoughts something that only his wife should be able to relate to. He isolated his wife and looked to another figure as someone he could communicate with. Some might say that expressing feelings through instant messaging and texting to another individual other than your spouse or partner is not cheating. Why? – Because they can’t see or touch you. How is this not cheating when eventually you are developing feelings for that particular individual? Cheating is developing an emotional bond with another person that is not your spouse or lover. Lust, a strong sexual desire. Yes, this is the word to describe what goes on in spouse’s or partner’s head when they attend a strip club or watch pornography. Some may find it fascinating and just simply fun to attend a strip club. They might consider this not cheating because they are just â€Å"hanging† with the guys or having fun. How is this not cheating when they are lusting after an individual that is not their â€Å"significant other†? If you lust after a guy or girl that you just saw walking down the street or have been working with for years, you are cheating. Cheating is lusting about someone that you are not committed to. Many persons would say that it hurts more to know that their wife, husband, girlfriend or boyfriend has â€Å"slept† with another person. They would consider this act truly cheating. It is when a sexual act is committed they betrayed. I want to know how they would truly feel if they knew that their significant other developed a bond with another instead of just â€Å"fooling around†. How would they feel if they knew that there was no sexual involvement but they still love them because of who they are? How would they feel if they said that they are leaving them for the girl/guy that works at the strip club? Will it be too late for them to realize that lusting and developing emotions are considered cheating?

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