Thursday, October 17, 2019

The Best Vacation I Ever Had Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

The Best Vacation I Ever Had - Essay Example I was so relieved when I finally heard my captain's announcement that the plane would be touching down at my designated country's Changi International Airport in a few minutes. The weather was fine on that Sunday morning when I finally arrived at my destination. I was so happy to be able to synchronize my watch and try to adapt to the local time. My biological clock took some time getting used to the current time zone I was in. I was in a high, exuberant mood and could not wait to get to my hotel. I wanted to start sight-seeing straightaway because I was that excited. I cleared customs and immigration in just under half an hour. I looked around for the directional signs and located the taxi-stand where I took a cab to my hotel, the Raffles Hotel. I loved the city the minute I got into my short cab ride to my hotel. It was bustling with life. There were hundreds and thousands of people everywhere. It looked as though the whole city was like a giant hive teeming with people. People just poured out from buildings and they were on the move all the time. I got an eyeful of what the city was like before I arrived at my hotel. I had my currency converted back home in L.A. so I counted out the correct amount and got back my change. I was glad I did not have to pay a tip to the driver. The Raffles Hotel was totally grand. ... He looked magnificent in his livery. The front desk's reception staff were very polite, courteous and helpful. I got settled into my hotel room in a few minutes. I hit the shower and was so glad to have my first real shower about twenty-fours after my last one in my own home. I changed into fresh clothing and packed a daytime carry bag with my personal essential valuables and camera. I was ready to go for my first day tour of Singapore. I enquired at the information desk on the best tourist location to visit. I was told to see Sentosa. It was an island resort with all the beautiful tourist spots to entertain, educate and engage any visitor.As I was not hungry for breakfast, I opted to get aboard the island of Sentosa and have my late breakfast there. I boarded the hotel's bus to get to the cable car station. There was an orderly queue to buy tickets for the cable car. I bought my ticket and had the luxury of having the entire cable car to myself for the duration of the ride. It was b eautiful up there, being suspended in a moving cable car and transported driverless along a long wire. I looked down and saw that the transportation on the roads were as small as ants. I was lucky to have no fear of vertigo. The scenery was breathtaking. I took pictures through the glass window. My cable car was pulled along soundlessly over the sea. I looked down and saw all sizes of sea transport cruising through the waterways. It was like traveling in a low flying aircraft. Pretty soon, my cable car ride came to an end. I had reached the long end of the electric cable line. The first person who greeted me when I stepped out of my vehicle was a photographer. He was touting snaps against an enlarged scenery photograph backdrop. I thought it was expensive at USD 15 per shot so

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