Monday, April 22, 2019

E-strategy for Stock Brokerage Service in Hong Kong Thesis Proposal

E-strategy for Stock Brokerage Service in Hong Kong - Thesis Proposal ExampleThe proposed research analyses the e-strategies adoptive by the brokerage house companies in Hong Kong. Through the research, we will find out the gaps in the e-brokerage practices and will stress to get insight about the e-strategies. The study will also provide practical suggestion in order to undertake betterment in the strategies adopted for e-brokerage, so that they can be helpful in further growth or victorious corrective measures.The advent of the online trading has transfigured the trading industry on the whole over the world including the online brokerage industry in Hong Kong. Last decade has inviten a significant accession in the matter financial institutions and brokers offering online trading in Hong Kong. These brokers offer both online and traditional brokerage service (Piotroski & Roulstone, 2004). Almost all of the companies listed at the Hong Kong Stock Exchange offer some form of m eshing based securities. Last few years have seen significant increase in the number of online traders. The number of online traders increases at the rate of 5% per annum. (Industry Overview) In 2003 the exchange launched AMS/3 the average daily turnover of the online brokers in Hong Kong has increased around 1.9% to around 13.0%. The Hong Kong exchange does not require any additional registration and licensing requirements for a company to conduct securities and commodities dealing through the Internet (Industry Overview).Reasons for the study By reviewing the importance and uses of e-strategy of brokerage services and its literature, we will find out that e-brokerage is such effective tool which provide help to an ordinary someone in undertaking trade with ease. On the other end it is also benefitting the trading companies in some(prenominal) ways. The data provided by the companies help in undertaking useful interpretation and comparison of the financial statements. The detect ive is interested in evaluating every aspect of the e-strategy of brokerage. It is important for the brokerage companies to protect the interest of all parties and see that the firm grows profitably. Therefore, how far the management and investors can utilize the e-brokerage services to extract and present more and more information, needs to be gauged.The purpose of this research is to analyze and identify that how the financial ratios are helpful in decision-making process of financial executives in the firm. Basically literature shows that e-strategy is a the tool through which investors are taking/making certain decisions about companys performance, liquidity profitability and its effectiveness but unless they do not equation it with the past performance of the same firm or other competitors or industry, they may not be able to extract the reasonable and useful information and analysis. So the main aim of the study is to evaluate whether the e-strategy is useful in providing t he information helpful in predicting the performance of the firm. In the process of research, developing the views from the be literature on e-strategy of brokerage will be our starting point and finally we will be able to present the gaps found in the e-brokerage practices of the companies in Hong Kong and suggest the steps for betterment. Objectives The objectives of the present study would be as followsTo review extant conceptual models

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