Thursday, April 25, 2019

Look at the attachments not thought of a topic yet Research Proposal

Look at the attachments non thought of a topic yet - Research Proposal ExampleThe analysis shall enable insane asylum of the connection, thus a foundation for the eradication of the variables researched on.According to the World Health Organization (WHO), fact tabloid number 364, approximately 16 million girls aged amidst 15 and 19 give descent all(prenominal) year. In addition, one million girls aged fewer than 15 also gives birth every year (Hamilton et al., 2012). Most of these teenagers come from low and middle-income nations.The World Health Organization also stated knottiness during pregnancy and childbirth as the second cause of death among teenagers, globally. The research also indicated that almost triplet million girls aged 15 to 19 undergone unsafe abortions, yearly, and that babies born to these teenage parents face a high risk of infant deaths (Gibb et al., 2014).Teenage years are marked by rebellion and disagreement between teenagers and their parents. During t his period, they are less credibly to trust their parent. Becoming pregnant at this age will credibly serve to strain the already complicated relationship. Parents will mostly view the pregnancies as the epitome of the childrens rebellion. The scenery of a fallout with the parents may end causing the teenager to conceal their pregnancies or running apart from home (Coleman, 2006).Teenage girls are likely to hide their pregnancies for the longest time possible because they are frightened tell their parent. In a majority of cases, teenage girls point at their mothers potential reactions in explaining their deception. Although the sword associated with these pregnancies is declining in modern days, most teenage girls are sleek over afraid of the disapproval that their mothers are likely to have. It is worth noting that, some fathers will tend be bitter and unforgiving. This is true especially when the teenager is still in school (Ferre et. al., 2013).The stigma and the strain the relationships can be attributed to the fear of

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