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Monet Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Monet - Essay ExampleBearing in mind how all these samaraers expand their strongly personal manners relating to the new imaginative ideas, one notices that the new aspects appeared most frequently in the work of Monet to be captured by the other Impressionists including them as ideas or as explicit methods and applying them in their let ways (Monet biography,, Monet, father wanted him to go into the family business of trading in grocery supplies but Monet (the certify son of Claude-Adolphe and Louise-Justine Aubre Monet) wanted to become an artist and was admitted in the Le Havre secondary school of the arts in 1851 after his family shifted at that region. He was not a typical, good student in school. He had said, crop seemed like a prison and I could never bear to stay there, especially when the sunshine beckoned and the sea was smooth. He always drew funny caricatures of his teachers. He always got in trouble for his drawings, but he became very good at them ( It was Eugene Boudin Boudin, his early mentor, who used to draw his sketches outdoors that pushed Monet to do the same. Suddenly the cloak was torn away.... My destiny as a painter opened out to me, he later said. For the near 60 years Monet delved into the effects of light on open-air scenes (plein-air landscape painting). He was the first artist to let his first impressions remain as finished works, rather than as notes for doing work inside the studio. (House, 1998, Monet bio, his mother died when he was only 16 years (in 1857) he left school, went to live with his childless aunt. His family was not very happy about his occupation as a painter. In 1860 he was conscripted and had to go to northerly Africa for two years. After his return he took a trip to Paris to visit the Louvre Museum write old masters and took painting lessons at Gleyres studio in Paris wher he got to know Auguste Renoir, Sisley, Bazille, Pissarro ,Ed ouard Manet.and others. The soil of the future Impressionist movement was built. Monet liked to paint water, the way colors reflected in the water and rides, seas, and lakes were several(prenominal) of his pet subjects, so much so that after he married in 1870 (he married his front-runner model Camille, whom he painted in Women in the Garden), and settled in Argenteuil, he fixed a boat with an easel and painted his way wavering down the Seine River, seizing his impressions of the relationship of light, water and surroundings. The boat served him as his floating studio where he kept paints, brushes, canvas, and drawing materials (, in plein airSoon, Monet averted from the naturalized style of painting inside a studio and with his new friends went outside in the Fontainebleau forest to paint in the open air. Albeit Monet painted outside, he never found it to be easy. Every time, more or less, he painted outside, a bit got glued to the wet pain t. If he was in the wilderness, sand and carry would get attached to his paintings. In the forest, leaves and other things would fix to his

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