Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Cross Cultural Communication & International Management Proposal Essay

Cross Cultural Communication & International Management Proposal - Essay Example Many of these reasons have to do with the goals of the individual. For example, if a person views monetary gain as their main purpose, they may be willing to put ethical issues aside in order to reach their goal with maximum efficiency. They may not pay attention to any code at all, leading to conflict. Existing literature focuses on communication as it is used in leadership and conflict management situations inter-culturally. â€Å"Informal conflicts may occur among coworkers, employees and supervisors, with or within between groups, and among departments within an organization. Such conflicts often occur when there are differences in values, beliefs, or opinions regarding how the work gets completed, how resources or tasks are distributed, or where priorities should be† (Montiero, 2003). Further complicating the situation, to put back the international element, what is considered ethically neutral in one country may be totally unethical in another, and vice versa. â€Å"Even if there were widespread cross-cultural agreement on the normative issues of business ethics, corporate ethics management initiatives which are appropriate in one cultural setting still could fail to mesh with the management practices and cultural characteristics of a different setting†¦ multinat ional businesses risk failure in pursuing the ostensible goals of corporate ethics initiatives† (Weaver, 2002). In other words, corporate ethics may be something that is culturally relative. In this fashion, international companies are letting their employees know that ethical behavior is expected of them, and are providing their employees with detailed information regarding ethics and international business. In terms of limitations, the proposed research realizes that it is sometimes difficult to discuss some of the more personal facets of international ethical codes, and it is still more difficult not to confuse them with morality, moral philosophy,

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