Monday, September 9, 2019

Pediatric Development Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Pediatric Development - Case Study Example Followed are my observations for the study case. At age of 4, child usually have decreased pulse and respiration rate, average weight of 16.7 kg and height of 103 cm. They trends to become independent, selfish and impatient. They are very aggressive physically and verbally. They take Do and Don'ts significantly and frustrate out on parents and siblings. My child knows own sex, age, and last name. As per information of her caregiver at daycare she can use toilet independently and reliably. She can wash and dry hands unassisted. I tried telling her stories. She listened it but with little distraction. Although she plays with other children, she prefers to play alone. Playing in group needs understanding. She is very good at sharing and understands taking turns with any assistance. She love engaging in dramatic and pretend play, especially dressing up. This shows that: About drawing, E. N. copies circles and crosses without difficulty and matched up to 6 colors while naming them. She counts till 10. She spreads peanut butter with knife really good and carefully. She can unbutton larger buttons easily, but buttoning up takes some time. She drew head with facial features, no years though, but added a body and extremities in a "stick mode". This shows that: After established walking, running, climbing, jumping by age of 2 child start riding cycle, taking broad jump, walking on tiptoe at age of 3. At age of 4 children can skip and hop on one foot adeptly, catch and throw ball faithfully.While trying to walk on a line E. N mostly ended up on one side or another of the line. Yet she can Balance and hop on 1 foot without difficulty. I used yarn of approx. 6 feet high, the child jumped with no problem landing on both feet. She tried to throw and catch the ball to her friend in front of me; she threw with direction, but could not catch when it was thrown back to her. Thus: She is reliable in hoping and balancing on one foot and jumping from height. She needs development in calculating relation between direction and speed so as to catch ball with specific speed and direction. Language Language becomes advanced during preschool years. Speech, vocabulary and comprehension are mostly influence by environment and cognitive ability. Child of age 4 can use sentence of four or five words. They have vocabulary of 1500 words or more. They questions more then ever, can tell exaggerated stories, sing simple songs and poems, tell names of different colors. They even can perceive up to four prepositional phrases such as "under", "on top of", "beside"

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