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Declaration of Independence Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Declaration of Independence - Research Paper Example Onuf noticed that America was undergoing a problem of identity. Jefferson and other parties had worked hard to realize an independent America only to be coupled with a weak articulated national government. Delegates from Virginia came together to draft the declaration. This lead to its confirmation where it was backed by an undisputed voting. As an excellent orator and writer, Jefferson decided to write the declaration in July 4, 1776. Through his commitment, he was elected to serve his people as the governor of Virginia. He managed to serve Americans and his family, where he bore several children (Fox, 1948). Place and time â€Å"The US Declaration for Independence† was presented in July 4, 1776 at â€Å"Virginia. This was possible after there was a unanimous acceptance of the declaration. The article has since received acceptance in both America and the world over. Prior knowledge This journal was written during the American Revolution when Americans felt it was necessary t o resolve their political issues. Through the constitution, members of different states sought to remain united through establishing justice and liberty among the different states. The declaration was meant to synthesis and assist address constitutional issues (Jefferson, 9). These issues had earlier been argued by historians who left them unconcluded. Thus, the scholars took a long interpretive focus to ensure issues of governance and the constitution were addressed. In order to address the pressing issues, it was necessary to eliminate the presence of French persons in North America. The conclusion of this advancement occurred after the inclusion of the British victory after the war that lasted seven years (Onuf, 73). Anglo-Americans failed to distinguish between foreign and domestic relations. They focused a lot on local matters, disregarding other states and their relations with them. For this reason, Americans failed to claim membership in the international community. Audience Onuf (73) targets the Americans as his audience, seeking to enlighten them on the need for pursuing their constitutional rights. He further encourages them to focus on organizational and issues of international politics because of their status as an independent country (Onuf, 72). Reason The main reason for writing this article was to enlighten Americans on the importance of advocating for their constitutional issues, which they could only access through independence (Jefferson, 6). Onuf (75) urges Americans to be watchful and ensure they repossess their membership from the international community. Onuf (75) argues that the country seeks to gain access to great opportunities to explore foreign policy. He refers his audience to the present state of the world and concludes that history contributed greatly to it. He seeks to urge Americans to enhance their issues of nation-state and identity. He cautions that inability to remain vigilant in the issues of state is vital to exercise issu es of sovereignty and capabilities of the state to embrace the international system (Tewell, 82). The Main Idea Jefferson (7) wants his audience to know the importance of declaring independence for a country. He briefly describes the circumstances under which the Americans decided to unite as a single state. He later outlines the pertinent issues outlined in the constitution, which

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