Sunday, September 8, 2019

Midterm Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 4

Midterm - Essay Example However, comparing the two, there are major differences which make the film more articulate and detailed in detailing the motives, desires and intricacies that led to Frank’s murder, which the novel does not address critically. The short story begins as Matt thinks about Frank’s funeral, which creates suspense at the beginning as readers are not introduced to the motive behind Frank’s death. The suspense at the begging slowly wears out as the story progresses to Frank’s burial and the planned revenge which makes the audience to learn what really happened to Frank. On the contrary, the film offers a good background of the story and beings as Natalie and Frank run in an open field kissing one another in a romantic scene, which creates a deception that the film would be a romantic one. However, the film still prepares the audience not to expect a romantic scene as the lovers are only seen half way, their faces are not visible, while a strong wind blows through the trees, a case that is not ideal for a love scene. This crates some difference in the plot, which affects the relationship of events. The novel delves directly into death and the revenge as Frank’s farther ponders about hi s next move, the revenge. However, the film plot first brings about the theme of love and passion, and a plot with complex relationships as the story starts to unfold. These incidences are descriptive of what really happened to Frank, and why he was killed. While in the short story the plot is laid by Matt’s feelings and thoughts of a possible revenge (Dubus, 105), the film organizes the plot in a chronological order, which offers the audience enough information regard the murder while the novel does not. The killings are narrated purely from the Fowler’s viewpoint, and present his thoughts as pure revenge through exploring his emotions and bitter feelings regarding his son’s death, which alters his moral judgment and perception of morality (Dubus,

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