Thursday, August 29, 2019

Avis Budget Group Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3750 words

Avis Budget Group - Term Paper Example The company values aligned employees with visions or mission to achieve the targets of being an industry leader. 7 The aim of the Avis Budget Group is to become the number one company in the vehicle rental industry. This aim is being worked through by commitment. The brands of the company uniquely drive company towards growth. The company follows the ideology of creating value for all the customers. The company maintains integrity while making all the major decisions. The channel of communication in the organization is open and the employee’s exhibit teamwork while performing all the business practices. The Avis Budget Group is situated across the globe so it operates in a diverse environment with a diverse work force. The company analyzes its strengths and weaknesses and takes responsibility of all the challenges which arise and the decision which the company makes. It also works responsibly for the interests of the shareholders. 7 STAKEHOLDERS 8 Stakeholders are all those pa rties that are directly influenced by the operations of the company (Harrison, Bosse, and Phillips, 58 – 74). Managing stakeholders is important for the success of the firm (Bosse, Phillips, and Harrison, 447- 456). The stakeholders of the Avis group include car dealers and other suppliers, operators, tourists and tour operators, businesses requiring Avis’ service for transportation, diverse workforce, shareholders, governments and industry participants of the rental cars in countries where Avis and Budget is providing services. 8 SENSE 8 UNCOVER 11 SOLVE 14 ACHIEVE 20 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The Avis budget group is a well known name in the business of the vehicle rental services. It is a leading global service provider with operations spread on more than 10,000 locations. The company has its operations in 175 countries around the globe. The strategy of the company is to spread the business in all areas where the rental transport services are used. This is in places where t ourism and business trips are made very commonly. The company operates in North America, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Latin America region. Most of the offices which are located in North America, Europe and Australia are company owned or either rented to the independent contractors who operate as the entrepreneurs for their outlets and share profits with the company. The current issues that the ABG is facing are with the strategic operations of the company which has been outsourced to the contractors who operate independently. The customers are also not satisfied with the services of the company because the services which they get from various outlets are not the same. The customer representatives of the outlets are also not aligned at providing proper services to the customers. This is because they are not motivated and don’t understand the core values which the company wishes to deliver to the customers. This report is highlighting the issues which the company is facing presently and offers recommendations for the company to overcome those issues and challenges. The company despite of the failing customer services is profitable. Therefore, suggestions are made that section of profits must be allocated to the improvement of the services of the outlets. The Avis Group must develop strengthen relationship with the contractors so that the issues of the operators can be resolved and it can pursue towards excellence with the passage of time. A plan for the improvement

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