Saturday, August 3, 2019

Fight to Maintain Freedom of Speech on the Internet :: Exploratory Essays Research Papers

Fight to Maintain Freedom of Speech on the Internet       Imagine yourself trapped inside another world, a world where your essence is made entirely of words that can say whatever you desire. You could be young or old, male or female or neither, you are only as limited as your imagination. Now Imagine that someone wants to have a say in what can be said, seen, and done in this brave new world, what would this change, and more importantly who decides what's 'good' and what's 'bad'?    In the ordinary and mundane world of real life people have always fought for the pursuit of happiness, free speech, etc. They are subjects which have always shouted in the hearts of our nations heroes, and rightfully so. What would our world be like if the government controlled what we were allowed to see and to say? It seems that George Orwell described it best in his book 1984 when he gave the scenario of a society in which people who committed the heinous act of thoughtcrime, the act of thinking something that goes against the party line, mysteriously disappeared into the night never to be seen again. Thankfully, the hordes of would be 'thought police' members have been staved off throughout history and we have achieved a relatively liberal society where people are, for the most part, able to speak their minds openly. Well, even in today's world there are still people who get pissed off when they think that free speech goes to far and they say something about it. This brings me to my main point.    The Internet. A land made possible in 1968 by the Dept. of Defense with the idea that if all other lines of communications were destroyed in the advent of war then at least we'd have computers, (I don't know, maybe they thought the electricity might magically produce itself after the bombing stopped). Any ways, thankfully the Internet has evolved beyond that into something which encompasses just about every possible human interest out there. A hodgepodge of political ideals ranging from big business capitalism to the gender erasing equality of the socialist mindset make the Internet a place where conflicts of interest often arise.

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