Thursday, August 22, 2019

The Tourism Industry, in Dubai and Turkey Research Paper

The Tourism Industry, in Dubai and Turkey - Research Paper Example Both Dubai and Turkey depend tremendously on tourism for revenue generation as well as a source of income and employment. Both countries show considerable hospitality towards tourism by using incentives as well as having scrupulous tourist infrastructure and appropriate staff. Government in both Turkey and Dubai provide sufficient funding to the tourism industry. Both regions have also suffered a setback due to stigmatization from the west especially after the September 11 2001 bombing in the United States, which was linked to persons from the Middle East. This greatly affected the tourism industries over the last decade. Dubai and Turkey differ in the type of visitor sites they have preserved. Dubai is one of them most recommended tourist destination in Middle East for tourists mostly from Arab, Asia and European. Visitors are primarily business people or shoppers. The city of Dubai is a lovely site due to the elegant shopping malls as well as outstanding hotels and restaurants. Mos t tourist sites are artificially assembled. There are few and less impressive natural tourist sites. Turkey is endowed with stunning natural sites such as the outstanding coastline, archaeological sites, and the appurtenant climate. Another attraction for tourist in turkey is the long summer (United Arab Emirates Web; Kassam, & Choufany Web). The Dubai tourism sector is as well as the government is extremely accommodating to visitor as they provide excellent guidance for visitors as well as tax-free shopping. The government also offers incredible transport for tourists. Dubai has airline links with almost all countries in the globe. On the other hand, Turkey is linked to Europe by suspension bridges. The airlines are not as extensive as those for Dubai (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development 210-212; United Arab Emirates Web) Factors enhancing tourism in Dubai include desirable but cheep tourist hotels, good security, magnificent shopping malls with variable product prices. Dubai is therefore considered to have one of the best catering to tourists. Turkey government, according to (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development 209) has ratified a tourism encouragement act to boost tourism development. The act allows for employment of foreigners especially in tourism and airlines sectors as well as provision of land for tourism investment. Turkey’s culture is a combination of Asian as well as western culture, which makes it accommodative for tourists from Europe, and other regions of the world. Dubai on the other hand follows Asian cultures quite strictly (United Arab Emirates Web; Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development 210-211). The Target Markets and Different Market Segments Dubai Has Targeted In the Past or Should Target In The Future In Dubai, tourism is a major source of income for the city. The tourism sector in Dubai receives about eight million tourists every year from various parts of the world especially from Europe and some Asian countries. The high number of visitor is due to the great hospitality and use of incentives to encourage tourists. However, the industry hopes to increase this number to about fifteen million tourists by 2015 (Kassam, & Choufany Web). In the past, Dubai has vastly depended on it superb shopping malls and exceptional airline services to entice business people and shoppers. Dubai is attempting to reconstruct the tourism industry to be sustainable. In future, Dubai targets the medical tourist market by improving the health facilities to provide expert medical services, which will attract and encourage visitors to Dubai. They are already advertising

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