Saturday, August 17, 2019

Political Science Answers Essay

Current world events have hindered the use of Collective Security Principle as various factors such as disease, poverty, natural calamities, terrorism, the use of biological, nuclear, and chemical weapons, and the instability of the world market. (UN, 21-55) 2) No, countries that have no experience in democracy as a form of government will not be successful in using that form of government. Democracy can only work if the constituents are capable and have experience on democracy. It’s simply as different strokes for different folks. 3) Protectionists Policies were created in order to protect, restrict, and regulate trade for a nation’s business and/or companies from foreign entities, unlawful change and risks, flooding a nation’s market with cheaper goods, etc. The use of this policy has caught consumers unawares as they do not seem to notice that the price of commodities would be higher than in other countries. Politics has reared its ugly head into this policy as it might have been confused with imposing policies on a supposedly free trade with other nations and can affect the relationship between those countries that trade with one and the other. 4) Transgovernmentalism will be able to act on all aspects and factors within a country or countries that are under an agreement of trade and commerce as globalization does. Then again the nation’s identity, ideals, and way of life may be immensely affected as there would be a gradual change of transfer of ideas, goods, and even the flow of trade. (Slaughter, Paragragh 7) 5) The bombing of Hiroshima was simply a hasty defense act done by countries that protected the free world as they saw a threat that can damage and affect the harmony and peace of all in the world’s nations.As Hiroshima was a strategic port for army depot and industrial areas. References: Anderson, S. (1997). Unclean Hand: America’s Protectionists Policies. Retrieved May 15, 2008, from http://www. freetrade. org/pubs/freetotrade/chap6. html Slaughter, Anne-Marie (October 2007). The New World Order. Retrieved May 15, 2008, from http://www. princeton. edu/~slaughtr/Articles/RealNewWorldOrderFA. txt United Nations (July 12, 2004). A more secure world: Our shared responsibility. Retrieved May 15, 2008, from www. un. org/secureworld/report2. pdf U. S. State Department. Democracy. Retrieved May 15, 2008, from http://www. state. gov/g/drl/democ/

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