Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Blue Nile Inc Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

voluptuous Nile Inc - Essay ExampleHowever, I would like to point out that it has produced very outstanding financial records as was proved by its balance sheet and cash flow. Besides, it has resorted to offering high quality diamond and jewellery products to its clients. This has been coupled with the provision of more competitive services. This is a good strategy which might enable the bon ton to win the confidence of its clients as they seek to claim it as the beau monde of choice amongst its competitors.The other recital for the companys competitiveness is based on the fact that it has resorted to offering its shoppers with adequate information and management when conducting their purchases. This has made it possible for them to get the right information on what to acquire (Gomez-Mejia et al, 128). It is for this reason that the company has had a powerful competitive strength assessment. According to the assessment, the company has realized a high level of manufacturing, n ode service, distribution, product innovation and quality production capabilities. Thus, it generated an overall weighted strength rating of 5.59. This is outstanding.ii. The company should consider counteracting the stiff competition from established firms who have conquered online diamond and jewelry business. This go forth increase its chances of enjoying a large share of the online market.i. It should establish physical stores in which the shoppers can get access of its variety of commodities which are supplied to them. This will be a good idea for the company as it will make it possible for the company to be efficient and reliable in its supply.ii. The company should heavily invest on sales promotions. Meaning, it should raise its services to all its target clients. Thus, they will get information about the existence, uses, benefits and quality of the products it deals in (Gomez-Mejia et al,

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