Friday, May 3, 2019

Muhammad Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Muhammad - Essay ExampleMuhammad used oneness of God as the main ghostly root since under one God and one religion, lot of the world would be one.Muhammad as a person before He declargond Himself the Prophet of Allah was respected in Arab. He was known to be the honest and respectful He was kind to the ones younger than him and respected the one older. Muhammad used his previous paper of being Sadiq and Ameen (one who is true and trust worthy) to spread Islam (Goldschmidt, 2006). He went and talked to the leaders of different Arabian tribes and told them how Allah has revealed His essences upon Him through Allahs Angels and asked Muhammad to spread Allahs final and complete religion. He told the people of Arab that Allah has bestowed upon the world with the fortunes that are there for the people to use and but in the most righteous way. Muhammad Went to the poor to help them when they needed Him and asked the rich to go bad away their fortunes to the poor so that they could feed their families as nothing but their good deeds are going to help them in the Afterlife. Muhammad brought Unity in the people of Arab by making them brother and sisters to apiece other so that everyone is equal.Travelling to faraway lands and countries in an era when only horses and camels were the means of transport and spread head Islam was the most difficult task Muhammad and His Followers had to face. Muhammad had the task assigned to Him by Allah that He should take Allahs Message in the form of Quran to all the parts of the world (Goldschmidt, 2006). He did so by sending His followers to the leaders and representatives of different countries and telling them how Allah has made Muhammad His Prophet to spread Allahs message and now they should follow Muhammad and accept Allah as the only God and do not worship some(prenominal) other God. Also, one major thing that had a

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