Saturday, May 4, 2019

The Impact of Burger King's Arrival in Lausanne Research Paper

The Impact of Burger Kings Arrival in Lausanne - Research account ExampleThe questions took both the open and closed format. The data thus collected were analyzed using SPSS interlingual rendition 19 and the results presented in graphical, tabular and arithmetic formats. The questions were designed to draw as much feedback as practical on the satisfaction levels of clients in terms of product quality, affordability, and service. There was one question which was inferential and it was aimed at establishing the respondents loyalty. The multiple choice format and Likert based scales which is a preferred method for determining the ranking of answers (Huck 76 Creswell 98) were used. The questions were set with the assistance of findings from previous studies and the questionnaire was self-administered. The questionnaire was constructed with the eventual purpose of analysis in mind. The setting of the research questions was through with reference to previous research done in competing f irms and the multiple choices were double checked to ensure that they captured entirely necessary aspects of the research. C atomic number 18 was taken to use only positive statements and the questionnaire was in easy to understand dustup and was checked for grammatical errors, spelling, and punctuation to ensure all respondents understood it in the same manner (De Vaus, 62). The present rate for the Questionnaire was 100% since it was self-administered. 9 Results and Findings 11 1.0 Descriptive results for demographic variables 11 2.0 Preliminary results of main consequent measures 12 The main aim of the study was to establish the level of loyalty and contentment among McDonalds clients, In this regard, major selling points of McDonalds were identified and respondents questioned on how they rated them. Table 2 presents a summary of the qualitative variables. 12 Hypothesis Tests 15 Discussions and Recommendations 16 Works cited 19 Executive Summary Businesses do not crop in a v acuum. They operate in an environment peopled with individuals otherwise referred to as the customers, suppliers, the civil authorities, diverse economic and social factors, entrepreneurs and shareholders as well as homogenous institutions otherwise known as competitors. A business has to navigate all these factors so that to remain economically viable (Israelite, 27). In the current research, the Lausanne Franchises of McDonalds are faced with imminent competition from the entry of McDonalds perennial competitor Burger King. This entry is presumed to be sometime in December of this year. The entry of a competitor always heralds new challenges to be surmounted by all company. The customers were the main source of revenue also become, at such times, an important source of information. In this regard, McDonalds Lausanne fit out this study to establish whether their current customer base is under threat from this new entrant.

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