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Lord of Flies

Write on one of the undermentioned hear prompts. The essay must be a formal literary multi-paragraph essay Oust resembling you learned last year) with a hook, prCICS, a clear thesis with reasons, topic sentences, Cads, Cams, conclusion, third person, impersonate tense, proper MEAL heading, citations. The number of paragraphs often depends on your organization of ideas. It always must be a fully fleshed out, insightful interpretation of this novel with specific information drawn from the text.For this essay you must excogitate your essay into a 4 paragraph essay. If you do not call for quotes for Cads, it is an automatic F because solely literary essays must book proof to support your opinion. I will be looking for an insightful discussion and convincing argument load-bearing(a) your views of this novel. Remember, unlike an objective exam, you are in control when you put out an essay. Show what you know. The only materials you whitethorn bring into class are your book with y our quotes slighted, your text annotated, or tabs to religious service you locate pages you will take.You will only have the one period to complete your essay, so you need to have thought near your ideas ahead of time. You may excessively put Cads (but only Cads on a 3 by 5 card) PROMPT 1 In the novel the Lord of the Flies, author William beautify constantly has the reader questioning the true nature of human beings?whether it is good or bad. Write an essay that discusses Gildings theme that humans are essentially good OR that humans are essentially bad. study 1 SIDE and convince your audience with at least two cited examples from the text for each supporting paragraph.You may include examples from history as part of your discussion and reasoning in your commentary, remember, your essay is an digest of THE NOVEL showing how Gilding treated the idea that humans are essentially good OR that humans are essentially bad. PROMPT 2 During pre-election campaigns, Presidential cand idates can say absolutely anything about their opponents and their own qualities as leaders, the policies they will Hampton, and the direction they will lead the nation if they are elected.However, citizens can fall out the most reliable evaluation of their Presidential potentials through analyzing their candidates past and their established records of leadership (How have Ralph and prick already demonstrated leadership qualities) In Lord of the judging by their records, which boy would collide with the outmatch national leader? Write an essay that discusses whether Jack or Ralph would make the best national leader.You may consider such areas as personal freedoms, environmental policy, labor/industry, citizen satisfaction, law and order, etc. Choose ONE SIDE and convince your audience with at least two cited examples from the text for each supporting paragraph. You may include examples from history as part of your discussion and reasoning within your commentary, but your essay i s an analysis of THE NOVEL. What have Ralph and Jack actually DONE in the novel that Gilding is demonstrating to reveal which one would make the best leader?Lord of FliesHumankind seems to have an enormous capacity for savagery, for ferociousness, for neediness of empathy, for lack of compassion. This quote introduces the idea that humans have a brutal nature and are drawn past from the civilized ways of life because of it. When true human nature is allowed to be seen, these savagely characteristics are do visible and these other courteous ways of life are forgotten.In the novel Lord of the Flies by William Gilding, the boys choose to allow Jacks violent and fearful leadership, abandoning Rallys authority ground on order and civilized norms, proving that mold based on savagery appeals to mans dark human nature and will overshadow leadership based on civility to the detriment of beau monde. This realization is shown in the novel when, at the beginning, all of the boys follow the aforesaid(prenominal) rules that have been put on them for their whole lives, but as the story progresses Jack follows his savagery human instincts and some boys follow.At he end of the story all of the boys true selves are exposed and savagery and brutality have consumed the boys. At the start of the novel,while on the island the boys follow the rules that society has always made them follow, making the Island a peaceful and organized society but very early on it is made known that the boys dont lack to follow these norms that have been put on them their entire life. When they first get to the island, they keep order by electing a leader. We ought to have a hive to decide thingsLets have a vote TLS toy of take was almost as pleasing as the conch. peg. 22. Voting Is something that is done In a normal society and they boys take this systematic way of making decisions and use It on the Island. This shows that for a small amount of time, their rhythmical ways of living stay w ith them because this Is what seems normal to them. They have been taught these ways to do things their entire life and they have been enforced by adults so they continue to do this while on he Island.Adding on to that, the boys also take things that they have learned In school and apply It to the Island. While deciding who should talk during assemblies, Ralph suggests that, Well have to have Hands up Like at school Then Ill give him the conch He can detain It when hes speaking. peg. 33 Ralph, suggests this because this Is what they have been taught to do In school when they have something to say that way chaos and tumult Is prevented.

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