Monday, May 20, 2019

Unemployment Rate – Article Review

THE countrys unemployment wander currently stands at 3. 1 per centime compared with the 3. 4 per cent last year, the Dewan Negara heard yesterday. Deputy Human Resources Minister Datuk Maznah Mazlan said the politics was in full harnessing its workforce to keep the unemployment rate at four per cent and below. This was because according to international standards, this was considered full employment. consort to the Statistics Department, the component of unemployment last year was 3. 4 per cent or 387,9000 commonwealth. Of the total, 65,500 were graduates. In the first quarter of this year, the unemployment percentage dropped to 3. per cent or 381,300. Of the number 71,600 were graduates, she said responding to Senator Khoo Soo Seang. Maznah said the presidency had implemented measures to function unemployed graduates. These include offering a short improvement scheme with government departments, opportunities for apprenticeship and internship, and the 1Malaysia Training Sc heme. Under the short service scheme, graduates who have not secured hypothesises in six months after completing their studies have the opportunity to intern at participating government linked companies for a year and receive an anyowance of RM1,000 a month.Upon completion, the GLCs will assist in finding permanent positions for them. The programmes are to enhance the graduates marketability and provide exposure so that they do not have to rely on the government for employment except can start their own businesses, she said. word about During 2011 the employment rate decreases from 3. 4% to 3. 1% due to the government effort to control all the recourse and to maintain the unemployment rate under 4%. Based on the international standard the unemployment rate of 4% and below considered as full employment.Although the number of people that unemployed are change magnitude but the number of unemployed graduates are increasing. Due to this situation, the government had executed measur es to help graduates to get a job. The government offer a short service scheme which suffer a job opportunity to them also giving them skills and internship. The allowance are also provided under the short service scheme. This will help to give the graduates exposure and encourage them to do their own business instead of relying on the government for the job.Analysis. Based on the article, we can conclude that the type of unemployment that we can see is frictional unemployment. This type of the unemployment pop offs when people are in between jobs, entering and reentering the labor force. This may happen when fresh graduates are actively seeking for a job. The numbers of unemployed graduates increase by 9. 3% maybe due to the lack of soft skills and get laid that most employers seek. The measure that the government took to control the unemployment is direct control measure, which is providing training and technical education and job creation in various sectors in an economy.The governments want to encourage the graduates to own a business because when thither are more trade and transaction, the government revenue will increase. This will lead to economic growth and therefore can increase in GDP. The executions of fall the unemployment rate The first effect of decreasing unemployment rate is the incomes will increases. This will lead towards to more buying power and accelerating the inflation rate. Thus, this will effect to the distribution of income, the savings, production cost and balance of trade.The second effect of unemployment is new businesses will have a hard time succeeding, because everyone is already employed, who is going to work for them? New businesses will have to raise struggle to entice people to work there which again raises wages and lowers profits to a point where it makes no sense to even start the business. Great levels of unemployment are around 3-5%. The pros and cons of decreasing unemployment rate The pro of decreasing unemplo yment rate is increase of income and self-respect. Secondly, increase the job skills. Thirdly, decrease social and political problems.Fourthly, the gross national product gap becomes narrower because the GNP gap will almost towards to potential GNP. The contras of decreasing unemployment rate are inflation will occur and the new business will have hard time to survive. The effect of decreasing rate of unemployment towards golf club The first effect is employment may bring a increase in social outings and interactions with new(prenominal) people, including friends. Secondly, employment the competition for jobs and the negotiation power of the individual increases and thus also the living standard of people with the salaries packages and income higher.Thirdly, employment also brings up calm and steadiness amongst the tax paying citizens. For the fresh graduate employees, they will not face burden to settle their loans. Recommendation or solution The first solution is, government can use progressive tax rate depends on the number of employees and use the current Malaysia corporeal Tax. If we use this method, the company in Malaysia will hire more employees in order to decrease the corporate tax and lead to the zero unemployment rates.The second solution is government can open up Malaysian mind to new kind of industry that can make the Earth as better step to the fore in the future. For example, this legislation would create an estimated 3 million new jobs by opening closed areas of the outer(a) Continental Shelf which is between Malaysia and Brunei for oil and gas exploration, and streamlining the licensing of nuclear power plants. This also would create royalty revenues for the government that the bill directs to a new trust fund that can promote renewable energy.

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