Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Money and capital market Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Money and capital market - Essay ExampleThis bound of policy gives the bank an opportunity to avail massive liquidity. This policy is very effective in addressing crisp liquidities that atomic number 18 experienced across the globe especially in the United States of America where money withdraw amongst banks has been witnessed during a financial crisis. This is a step to mitigate the effects liquidity shortage could acquire as far as solvency problems is concerned. Liquidity policy response is also beneficial in more ways. It does not only offer solutions to short term money problems in market rates. It also helps to moderation pressures at the markets as far as funding is concerned. This is a step towards ensuring that funds are supplied for big term benefits as well. Further, profound banks help by enlarging the eligibility base as far collateral modify is concerned. In exceptional cases, central banks increase their lending bases to non depository financial institutions and banks as well (Stein, 2011, p. 4). at long last, central bank uses the liquidity response policy to establish felicities for lending to enhance the market repose between banks. Liquidity response policies to the stinting crisis have been seen to be essential in nurturing good communications among opposite countries of the world. In addition, central banks have also assisted many institutions within a country as far as emergency assistance concerning money is concerned. Swapping of money among banks has been also witnessed in Europe in 2011 in response to an economic crisis within the European Union. Monetary policy response also helps to coiffe the levels of interests rates. Subsequently good interests rates create stable prices in an economy. For example in 2011, European countries adjusted the interests rate of their currency to avoid financial crisis. This way, the frameworks under which markets crop become favourable (Monetary policy report, 2011, p. 2). In addition, th e decisions are transmitted to financial markets, as well as the actual economy, which increases the efficiency of the economy. Central banks have responsibilities to adjust the policies related to money to prevent the risk of economic instability. This way, the monetary policies are very important in dealing with problems related to inflation as the macroeconomic environments are usually kept in stable conditions. Ultimately the possibilities of the financial crisis are greatly reduced. financial policies are also handy in addressing economic policies. This is usually seen by the initiatives a particular presidency puts into place so as to deal well with the financial crisis within a nation. Fiscal policies are suitable in propagating a real economy from an economic crisis (Miriam, 2011, p.3). This form of policy involves a mass of interventions by the government in addressing the challenges an various(prenominal) institution faces as far as the financial crisis is concerned. new(prenominal) initiatives are also taken by governments so as to boost domestic economies. Improving hold markets for example, is very useful in boosting the local economies. In addition, supporting the growth of domestic industries rather than the individual ones is also a step towards increasing the growth of domestic economies in Australia as at 2012. Finally monetary policies reforms as a way of dealing with the financial crisis are one of the options that are necessary. much(prenominal) reforms can restore confidence within markets resulting into a financial

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