Wednesday, May 15, 2019

DQ 10 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 1

DQ 10 - Essay ExampleProcrastination simply refers putting things off to another time. preferably of someone doing what they know they are able to do at the moment, they prefer to leave it for another day. This leads to softened changes in our lives hence lack of personal development.Poor time management is another leading figure that inhibits proper personal growth and development. A person who is unable to manage his time is in addition a poor planner. Both time wastage and lack of planning means that a person has a agenda does not know how to manage his time. Disorganization and lack of goals also contributes to poor personal development as one has no specific goals that drive him. The lack of discipline to achieve the goals that a person has do for himself or those set at the work wander leaves a person stuck in one place hence poor personal growth.As a professional journalist, I have learnt that it is important to subscribe myself in a professional manner at all times. Fi rst, I have adapted the attainment of always been up to date with the changing technology that is used to gather and disseminate information. Through this, I am sure that I will be up to date with the current events, not alone in my country but also in the world. This also puts me in a better slip to disseminate the information I have gathered to the people who get hold of urgently. I have also acquired the art of confidentiality, especially when it comes to interviews. Most people do not wish to be known publicly yet they still give me very helpful information. For this reason, I have learned to maintain their anonymity at all costs. Professionally, I am able to relate to my colleagues without getting too personal or creating unnecessary conflicts amongst us.To improve my proficiencies, I know I can always refer to my bosses for help whenever the need arises. My colleagues are also in a position to help me in case i postulate for their advice. I can also use the internet to imp rove my

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