Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Using Nazi Tactics Against Smokers Essay -- Argumentative Persuasive A

Using Nazi Tactics Against SmokersPrior to the 1930s, Germany was Europes most hospitable country for Jews. While Jews were only maven percent of the population, they were one-fourth of Germanys law and medical students. In some German cities, Jews were the majority of doctors. While Jews were only five percent of the Berlin population in 1905, they gainful 31 percent of all income taxes collected. For Germany as a whole, Jewish income was more than three times the national average. In his book, Migration and Cultures, Dr. Thomas Sowell adds that Jews were so highly combine into German economic and social life that in nearly half of all Jewish marriages during the 1920s one of the spouses was Gentile. During World War I, Jewish-American publications were investigated and prosecuted by the U.S. authorities for writing favorably about Germany, a nation at war with the U.S. Much of German history has been one of racial toleration. This is partially seen by their anti-slavery positio ns in Brazil and the United States. In the United States, Germans had a large hand in assisting runaway slaves by way of the underground railroad. Germans also had an established reputation of getting along very well with American Indians.So why the story about pre-Nazi Germany? I think examining it raises an interesting question that few get to answer namely, if Germany was so hospitable to Jews, relative to other countries, how in the world did the Holocaust happen? There are several alternative explanations such as Hitlers massive consolidation of government power. Then theres the fact that German culture places high values on regimentation and obedience to authority. An important part of the answer of how Germans came to deport Jew... ... no more. The nations tyrants have now turned their attention to the vilification of spendthrift food chains such as McDonalds, Burger King, Wendys and Kentucky Fried Chicken, charging them with having created an addiction to fatty foods. T hus, the tyrants claim, card-playing food chains have contributed to obesity-related problems and growing healthcare costs. Like the anti-tobacco zealots they call for regulation, compensation for injury and taxes on foods they deem to be non-nutritious. In addition to fast food chains, these tyrants have targeted soft drink and candy manufacturers. Chinese and Mexican restaurants are also in their sights because they have meal servings deemed to be too large. In their campaign against fast food chains, restaurants and soda and candy manufacturers the nations food Nazis always refer to the anti-tobacco campaign as the model for their agenda.

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